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06-Karns families, 1916
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This photocopy was in a group of Karns memorabilia papers. The date was mid-summer of 1916. Jean (Karns) Ladd, Elmer's daughter, provides these identifications:
1 John Mearkle Karns, son of Alva
2 Helen, John's daughter
3 Anna (Bussard) Karns, John's wife
4 Arthur Martin Karns, Alva's son
5 Mary Ellen, John's daughter
6 Elbert Elvin Karns, John's son
7 Elmer Mearkle Karns, Alva's son
8 Carl Mearkle Karns, Alva's son
9 Melvin Elwood Karns, John's son
10 Carl Stuart Karns, John's son
11 Alva Hixon Karns, son of John Heft and Rachel (Hixson) Karns
12 Harry M. Karns, Alva's son
13 Leota Loretta, Harry's daughter
14 Jennie May (Brown) Karns, Harry's wife
15 Clara Opal, Harry's daughter
16 Bennie Leon, Harry's son
17 Orval Elden, son of Osa Ellen (Karns) Paxton
18 Osa (Karns) Paxton, Alva's daughter
19 Neva Irene Paxton, Osa's daughter
20 Paul Dixon Paxton, Osa's husband
21 Sidney Alva Paxton, Osa's son
22 Fred DeWarren Jay, son of Bessie (Karns) Jay
23 Osa Evelyn Jay, Bessie's daughter
24 Bessie Belle (Karns) Jay, Alva's daughter
25 Hazel Marie Jay, Bessie's daughter
26 Ellis Merle Jay, Bessie's son
27 Scott Jay, Bessie's husband
28 Leatha Ferne Jay, Bessie's daughter

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