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03-Karns families, 1914
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This is a snapshot of some of Alva and Hiram Karns' families in Oct 1914. The woman standing next to the left end is Bessie (Karns) Jay, and the man seated directly in front of her, with black hat and holding their daughter Hazel, is her husband Scott Jay. On the extreme left is their daughter Osa Jay, and the two boys in the center are Fred and Merle Jay. The man on the extreme right is Elmer Karns. Next to him is Carl, and seated in front of Carl is Arthur. None of these three sons of Alva were married at that time. The woman behind Arthur and next to Carl is Hattie, daughter of Alva's brother Hiram Karns. We believe the child with Arthur and the two women in the center are part of Hiram's family. (Identifications courtesy of Jean (Karns) Ladd, Elmer's daughter.)
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