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02-Anthony and Maria (Karns) Smith and son C.C. Smith
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Maria M. Karns is related to our branch of the Karns family by both her Karns and Hixon family lines. Her Karns line is this: Maria < John Heft < Jacob < Philip Karns, Sr., b. abt. 1750-60. Her Hixon [or Hixson] line is: Maria < Rachel < John < Timothy < Timothy < Matthew < John < William < William Hixon, b. abt. 1625 in Kent, England. She married Anthony S. Smith on 4 Mar 1889. She was born in Clearville, and he in Rainsburg, Pennsylvania. The child is their son Crummel Carl "C.C." Smith. (Photo courtesy of Hal Smith, C.C.'s son, in the summer of 2003.)
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