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03-John Fletcher Snyder family about 1891
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The John Fletcher Snyder family about 1891. John, a son of Phillip and Mary Ann (Fletcher) Snyder, was born 18 Sept 1843 in Monroe Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and died in 1909. John and Barbara Ellen Mearkle were married 5 June 1873. Barbara lived from 1852 to 1912. Barbara's parents were Barclay and Louisiana (Sleighter) Mearkle.

Left to right, back row: William Henry, born 1879; Owen, born 1875; Baltzer, born 1874; Mary Ellen "Molly"; Lusanna "Lucy," born 1877; and Caroline, born 1881.
Front row: Mary Jane, born 1883; Louisanna "Rosanna" (Sleighter) Mearkle, Barbara's mother; Barbara holding son Eli Ash, born Feb 1891; John Fletcher Snyder; Conda, born 1889; George Fletcher, born 1887; and Phillip, born 1885.

Conda's birthdate of 31 Mar 1889 gives an important clue to the date of this picture, along with Barbara's father's death on 13 May 1891. (Photo and identifications courtesy of Frank J. Walch in 2001. Special thanks to Ruth (Snyder) Jimick for assistance with the identifications.)

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