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03-Family of Henry and Julian Mearkle
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Children of Henry Mearkle and Julian Karns. They are named here in birth order; what order they are in the picture is uncertain. Susan B. "Ann" B. (Mearkle) Shaffer, 1852-1938; Louis K. "Lou" Mearkle, 1855-1930; Harry L. "Henry" Mearkle, 1861-1936; Andrew "Andy" Curtain Mearkle, 1854-1934; Rachel K. "Alice" (Mearkle) Williams, 1866-1910; Simon "Sim" Calvin Mearkle, 1868-1941; Perry G. Mearkle, 1869-1915; and William W. Mearkle, 1871-1954. Not shown are two brothers who went to Oklahoma: George B. "Joe W" [Mearkle] Bouse, 1856-1939, and Amos K.
[Mearkle] Bouse, 1859-1937. Probably deceased at the time the picture was taken were Jane "Jennie" S. (Mearkle) Ritchey, 1853-1883; Mary "Mollie" (Mearkle) Williams, 1858-1897, and Porter K. Mearkle, 1863-1885.
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