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29-Steckman cousin
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Sarah Steckman, her son Michael Mortimore (the man standing), her grandson Homer Paul Mortimore, and her great granddaughter Leah Mae Mortimore. Sarah is a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Weaverling) Steckman. Sarah "Sally" Steckman lived from 4 Oct 1813 to 12 Apr 1900. She married John Mortimore about 1836. She was born, married, and died in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. She was a niece of Lovis Steckman. Since Lovis is an ancestor of nearly all of our branch of the Karns family, Sally is a close cousin of long ago, but not a direct ancestor. We have no record of her descendants. She is a first cousin four times removed of Leigh Bouse, and a first cousin three times removed of Jean Karns. (Photo courtesy of Randall Dean Hamilton in Jan 2004 via his Web site and email.)
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