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23-Dempster/Boehme families, 2005
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Darrell Dempster, descendant of Timothy and Mary Etta (Barton) Hixson, and cousin of Elmer Karns, with a group attending a reunion of his mother's Boehme family in Wichita, Kansas in June of 2005. Left to right, back row: Jason, Holly and Nicole Phillips, Eva and Eddie Dempster, Diane Stanko and David Dempster. Middle: Jason Stanko, Mitchell and Dawn Dempster, Eric and Michelle Stanko and Reagan Dempster. Front row: Brooke, Darrell, Catherine (Boehme) Dempster (Darrell's mother), Sally and Cody Dempster. Carl Stanko was not present. Darrell and Elmer Karns are third cousins, twice removed. Their common grandparents are Timothy II and Leah (Hanks) Hixson. Timothy was born in 1775 and Leah in 1771, both in Loudoun County, Virginia. Elmer is descended from their son John, born about 1797 in Virginia, while Darrell is descended from their son Timothy, born 1812 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. (Photo courtesy of Darrell Dempster in a Christmas greeting, 2005.)
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