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Cousins of Karns among the Hixson/Hixon, Snyder, and Mower families

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There were many intermarriages among families living in the same area as the Karns in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Among them were the Snyders, the Hixsons (or Hixons), the Hanks, and the Mowers. Here are some examples of relationships to Alva Karns:

Among the Hixson/Hixson families were grandfathers of varying degrees, as well as uncles and aunts, and many cousins
Many Snyders were cousins of varying degrees, with a few nephews and nieces, also of varying degrees
Many Mowers were cousins of Alva's wife, Salome Mearkle, and thus cousins of the children of Alva and Salome

Hixson/Hixon and Hanks relatives

Snyder relatives

Mower relatives