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05-Karns reunion, 1957
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Here is the text of the newspaper account:
Karns Families Have 42nd Annual Reunion
At the city park in Dodge City Saturday, August 17, the Forty-second Annual Karns family reunion was held and about 52 members were in attendance. This group in other years has counted as many as a hundred in attendance.
Over more than four decades now the Alvah H. Karns family and Hiram H. Karns family of eastern Kansas have held these reunions. Only member of the H. H. Karns family in this area is Mrs. W. D. Carlin of Ford who is a cousin of the members of the Alvah Karns family living here, which include John M. Karns and Mrs. Scott Jay (Bessie Karns).
The late Hiram H. Karns, grandfather of Bucklin's Kenneth Carlin, pioneered in Crawford county near Pittsburg, Kansas in 1882 after leaving Bedford county, Penn., in the heart of the world's largest soft coal mining area. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was about 100 miles west of his home. Coming west he located close by Pittsburg, Kansas in the coal mines purely by chance. Mr. Karns brought with him his wife and their four children.
In this new country he sunk a coal shaft, farmed and became a businessman in the town he settled in, Englevale. Here his family increased to a number of 10. The late Mrs. A. C. Stwalley, who was born in Pennsylvania before the family came west, and Mrs. Carlin were the oldest and youngest members of this family, both rearing their families at Ford.
About the same time, another of his brothers came to Crawford county to settle. This was Albert Karns. Most of the children of this family now live in the Kansas City vicinity.
Twenty years later in 1903 a younger brother, Alvah H., who was a widower with seven children, came to western Kansas. His wife had died when their youngest was a baby. He believed the Allegheny mountain area and it's coal mining was no place to raise a bunch of little boys so when they were old enough to work, he came west with five of his children.
Remaining in Pennsylvania were the two eldest children. They were John M. and Bessie who later became Mrs. Scott Jay. John was married and in 1911 he and his wife and four children came to Kansas. Bessie was teaching school and after she married and started raising a family, their home burned to the ground so she and Mr. Jay and four children followed her father to Kansas for a new start in 1913. And that was the year the grasshoppers ate the hoe handles if they were left out, but this was pioneering.
In 1915 the Alvah Karns family started holding the family reunion and their eastern Kansas cousins came west to attend and through the 42 years the families have grown and prospered. Those who are past the middle of their life-span now and who have known the pioneer fathers know the younger ones are going to have to do some fine and fancy stepping to outdo accomplishments of their pioneer great-grandfathers, who believed in work, education and God.
The Alvah Karns family includes John M., Bessie Jay, Arthur, Harry, Elmer, Carl and Mrs. Osa Paxton.
Attending the reunion last Saturday were:
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Karns, Mrs. Leonard Hitz, Pratt; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Karns, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Ladd and daughter, Oklahoma City, Okla. Mr. and. Mrs. Don Cornwell, Mission, Mr. and Mrs. James Roark and family, Karla Eves, all of Garden City; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jay, Max, Beverly and Bessie, Leoti, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stwalley, Mrs. Norma Snyder and Joy, Tom, Harry and Dick and Nadine Wood of Hutchinson;
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Carlin, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stwalley, Mrs. Chavez Gaut, Karen and Gene, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stwalley and Relda Jane and Mrs. Lillie Warner, all of Ford; Mrs. Kenneth Haley, Mike and Gail, and Jim Karns of Dodge City; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blasco (Reita Karns), Pleasanton; Mrs. Mabel Karns Lasley, Kansas City, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Scott Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlin, Roger, Diana and Richard.
–Newspaper clipping saved by Verna (Dawson) Karns. [The year 1957 was handwritten in the margin of the clipping.]
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