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06-Karns reunion, 1961
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Here is the text of the newspaper account:
Karns Family Have 46th Annual Reunion
The 46th consecutive reunion of the Karns family was held Saturday August 19th at the American Legion building in Bucklin. Those attending were Mr. John Karns, Mrs. Helen Loomis, Miss Dixie Carlin of Bucklin; Mr. Carl Karns formerly of Bucklin, now of Colorado Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Karns, Mr and Mrs. Glenn Karns and Dennis of Pratt; Miss Bethene Karns of Topeka; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Karns, Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Ladd and Gwen of Oklahoma City; Mr. and Mrs. Stwalley of Fallsworth; Mr. and Mrs. Charley Stwalley of Hutchinson; Mr. and Mrs. Chavez Gaut and Gene, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stwalley and Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stwalley, Nellma Jane and Marsha Jo; Mr. and Mrs. William Carlin and Mrs. Lillie Warner of Ford.
A lovely basket dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour. In the afternoon the Karns brothers visited their sister, Mrs. Scott Jay of Minneola, who was ill and unable to attend.
Newspaper clipping saved by Verna (Dawson) Karns. [Handwritten date of 1961]
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