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11-Karns reunion, 1975
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Here is the text from the newspaper clipping:
Karns Family Reunion
The 56th annual reunion of the Alva and Hiram Karns families was held Sunday, August 17, at Dodge City. Fifty-six relatives and friends attended the reunion.
Elmer and Carl Karns, Alva Karns' boys, are the only living of the original two families. Elmer holds the distinctive title as the oldest living of the clan at age 82. Carl will be 80 later this month and was honored with a huge birthday cake.
Those present representing the Alva Karns family were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Karns, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nemeth, Chris and Michael of Colorado Springs, Colorado; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Karns, Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Ladd, Jr. and Gwen of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Paxton, Mr. and Mrs. Minnis Nelson, Mullinville, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Karns, Mrs. Arthur [Elizabeth] Karns of Pratt; Ethel Paxton, Orin Kimberly of Greensburg; Paul Paxton, Caldwell, Idaho; Mr. and Mrs. Billy Smith, Melissa and Melinda of Dodge City.
Those present representing the Hiram Karns family were Roy Stwalley, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlin of Bucklin; Mr. and Mrs Wallace Hartshorn of Holly Colorado; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lanchriet, Robert and Shaylynn; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Gaut, Douglas and Michelle of Cimarron; Mrs Chavez Gaut, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stwalley, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stwalley, Nellma, Nancy, and Marcey of Ford; Conway Price, Mullinville; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stwalley, Dana and Steve of Dodge City.
Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haley of Dodge City, Mrs. Cliff Bisbee and Mrs. Dwayne Cook of Meade, and Mrs. Lulu Melia of Bucklin.
Newspaper clipping saved by Verna (Dawson) Karns. [This reunion, noted in the newspaper as the 56th, was held in 1975. You will note that a shift in the counting took place in the 1970s. See the dating worksheet comments for more details.]
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