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12-Karns reunion, 1977
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The text of the news account was this:
Family Reunion
The annual Alva and Hiram Karns family reunion was held in Dodge City Sunday, August 21. The first reunion was held in 1914 on the Leffler place five miles west of Ford, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Karns raised seven children, the Hiram Karns ten, and this was the first reunion held without one of these children in attendance. All of the children are now deceased. Carl Karns passed away on March 9 of this year, and Elmer Karns on July 20.
Attending this year from the Alva Karns branch were Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Paxton, Mullinville, Ks.; Paul Paxton, Caldwell, Idaho; Ethel Paxton, Greensburg, Ks.; Mrs. Carl (Nancy) Karns, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Karns, Mrs. Arthur (Betty) [actually his 2nd wife Elizabeth] Karns, Pratt, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Minnis Nelson, Mullinville, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Billy Smith, Melinda and Melissa of Dodge City, Kansas.
Members of the Hiram Karns branch attending were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hartshorn, Holly, Colo.; Mrs. Leon (Pat) Daniels, Garden City, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stwalley, Mrs. Chavez (June) Gaut, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stwalley and Nancy, Ford, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Conway Price, Nellma Stwalley, Clyde Stwalley, Steve and Dana, Dodge City, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson, Topeka, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tilley, Sloan and Paige, Bucklin, Ks.; Roger Carlin, Liberal, Ks.; Mrs. Chas. (Lucille) Stwalley, Hutchinson, Ks.; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Haley, Janan and Mark, Dodge City, Kansas.
Lottie Bisbee of Meade, Kansas, a friend of the families, visited in the morning.
The 1978 reunion will again be held in Dodge City on the third Sunday in August.
Newspaper clipping saved by Verna (Dawson) Karns. [This 58th reunion was held in 1977.]
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