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13-Karns reunion, 1978
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The Karns family reunion was held in Kansas for many years. This one was held on Saturday, 17 Aug 1978. Here is the text of the news account:

The 64th annual Karns reunion was held in Dodge City Sunday. The branches of the Alvah and Hiram Karns families were represented.
Members present from the Alvah Karns branch were Mr. and Mrs. Merle Jay, Leoti; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jay, Leoti; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jay, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Art Ratzlaff and sons, Minneola; Ferne Eves, Garden City; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Karns, Pratt; Mrs. Arthur Karns, Pratt; Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Ladd and Mrs. Elmer Karns, Oklahoma City; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, Brighton; Colo.; and Mr. and Mrs. William Smith and daughters, Dodge City.
Members present from the Hiram Karns branch were: Mrs. Charles Stwalley, Hutchinson; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Garrison, Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stwalley and daughter, Ford; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stwalley, Ford; Mrs. June Gaut, Ford; Clyde Stwalley and children, Dodge City; Nellma Stwalley, Dodge City; Mr. and Mrs. Conway Price, Dodge City; and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carlin, Bucklin.
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