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14-Notes on reunion dates
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These notes were written by Colleen (Karns) Cornwell, daughter of Elmer and Verna (Dawson) Karns, to help keep track of which reunion was held in which year. In later years the reunion usually was held in Dodge City, Kansas, but varied in location in earlier years. The traditional numbering and the years are not always consistent, as if at times the family wasn't sure which reunion they were celebrating that year.
By way of illustration, one reunion, noted in the newspaper as the 56th, was held in 1971. You will note that a shift in the counting took place in the 1970s. It appears that up through 1961 the number of the reunion was always the year minus 15. Starting in 1972 the subtraction factor became 19, possibly revising the numbers in view of some missed years. However, the one in 1970, called the 52nd, appears to be an anomaly, with a subtraction factor of 18, as well as 1978, with a subtraction factor of 14. Verna did not have any records in the scrapbook for the years 1962 through 1969.]
For a brief early history of the reunions, see the records for the 1957 reunion.
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