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05-Land for care agreement, Part 1
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This document arranges for Emerson and Sally Ware to transfer ownership of their property in Lake County, Ohio to their son Thomas Truxton Ware who, in exchange, "is to furnish suitable clothing and food for [them] during their natural life and provide for them in sickness and in health, such necessaries as their wants shall demand, provided said Emerson and Sally his wife, are to do what they can reasonably towards their own support while in health." Thomas also agrees to pay all outstanding debts and "all reasonable charges made against the said Emerson or wife in sickness, and at their decease furnish them with decent burial and pay all funeral charges for the same." It was signed by Emerson and Thomas T. and by three witnesses, one of whom was Henry Ware. The document was dated 11 Feb 1852. Emerson died on 14 Mar 1852, a month later. Sally lived until March of 1861.
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