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01-Possible home of Ladd family in Payne Co, OT
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We believe this picture shows the Charles and Henrietta family in their home near Stillwater in Payne Co., Oklahoma Territory, shortly after they moved to Oklahoma. Ruth Etta was born on 3 Apr 1893 in Stillwater, OK, so it was taken after then. All of the boys appear to be older than about five, and Ernest was born in Sept 1889 in Kansas. Charles is holding a baby, so it probably was taken in the spring of 1893 shortly after Ruth was born. The occasion had to be something important, because everyone is very carefully dressed and posed, with fairly elaborate props. This very likely was taken by a professional photographer. One reason for having the portrait made in front of the house could be because they had recently moved and had a new baby and they wanted a picture of all of them in their new home. My tentative identification of people in the picture, from left to right: Raymond, b 1880, age 13; Charles Henry holding Ruth Etta, b 3 Apr 1893; Charles Dwight, b 1874, age 19; Nellie, perhaps in her wedding dress, b 1871, age 22; Henrietta; Elno Boyd, b 1878, age 15; Essie, b 1886, age 7; Irvie, b 1883, age 10; and Ernest, b 1889, age 4. (Ages may be off by a few months, since I simply subtracted the birth year from the estimated time the picture was taken.) (Photo courtesy of Teresa Yates in Aug 2010.)
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