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04-NSF research team, 1976
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This is the team that qualified for and carried out a National Science Foundation SOS (Student-Originated Studies) grant for undergraduate research in 1976. Left to right are Leslie Hall, John Smith, Susan "Sue" Seller, Terry Hall, Forrest Ladd, sponsor, and Waden Emery III, team leader. Waden led the way in conceiving the study design, submitting the application, and carrying out the study. The entire team was present to present the study at the NSF forum in Washington, D.C. in Nov 1976. Each team member went on to earn the M.D. or Ph.D. degree. The project was initiated when Dr. Ladd presented the application materials in a class in which Waden was enrolled. Ladd served as a consultant to Waden as he pursued the application process. Other students were a part of the project as well. Gwen Ladd served as record keeper and writer for the group. Dan Biggs served as technical assistant, helping with equipment construction and maintenance. Three students from other colleges joined in carrying out the study.
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