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03-BNC planning research report, 1972
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President Roy H. Cantrell asked Forrest Ladd to organize and carry out a study which would lead to a plan for Bethany Nazarene College for the decade of the 1970s. Forrest organized a committee of faculty, administrators, and students to carry out the study. Lasting over a year, the committee organized into task forces to work on various aspects of planning, and the work was compiled into the report whose cover is shown here. The cover states: Ten-Year Advance Study of Bethany Nazarene College: Final Report. A Report to the President and the Board of Trustees Concerning Planning for the Decade of the Seventies. Forrest E. Ladd, Ph.D., Chairman. Bethany Nazarene College, Bethany, Oklahoma 73008. January, 1972. The report was of such scope and quality that it was used for the College Report to the North Central Accreditation Association in place of a report following NCA's guidelines.
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