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02-Thomas family group
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This photo of John and Essie (Ladd) Thomas and some of their family, probably was taken in the early 1940s, sometime before John died on 17 July 1944. John is the second from the left, and Essie, only her head showing, is fourth from the left. Others in the back row, left to right, are some of their sons and daughters. From the left are Buford, John, Willard, Essie, Laverle (holding, probably, his daughter Carol), Opal, and Ella (only part of her head showing). The identities of the grandchildren on the right and in front are unclear, but probably include Effie May Crank, daughter of Opal, on the far right, and Rex, Buford's son. Not present were sons Hugh, Lloyd, and Edsel. One other child, Etta May, died in infancy.
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