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02-Andersons and Ladds, 1920, numbered
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Identification for this picture of Andersons and probably some Ladds is difficult. It is almost certain that the woman in the back row, 4th adult from the left end, is Mary Matilda "Mamie" (Anderson) Ladd. The woman whose head barely shows on the left of Mamie probably is her sister Bertha (Anderson) Kirk. If Everett, Mamie's oldest son, is in this picture he would be the man on the far right, and the picture would have been taken about 1920. The others remain unidentified, but the two children standing on the left, the boy with the white shirt (#14) and the girl with the cap (#15), may be Floyd and Nila Ladd, respectively. Number 19 may be Ruby Ladd. (One of the pictures saved in a large family album by Nila (Ladd) Haskin.)
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