Ladd Photo Albums, 2013 Update

The pictures in this 2013 update have not been included in earlier Ladd photo albums (with the exception of some introductory pictures). For more complete family information, go back to the 2006 and 2012 editions.

These updates make use of the PDF format. If needed, download the Acrobat Reader at this address:

Overview of early Ladd ancestors
Marriage license of Thomas Richmond, and a mineral deed held by Mary Ladd Hood
Tombstones of some early Ladd relatives
Tombstone of Jane, John L. Ladd's first wife
Map of Oklahoma and Indian Territories in the 1890s
Hille descendants of Nellie (Ladd) Davidson
Courtright descendant of Nellie (Ladd) Davidson
Introduction to descendants of Elno Boyd Ladd
Gale Ladd, son of Everett Ladd, 50th Anniv. Page One | Page Two
Forrest Jr., son of Forrest Ladd
Don Hackler and Winston Hackler
Descendants of Linda, daughter of Forrest Ladd
Levi and McKenna
Descendants of Joan, daughter of Forrest Ladd
David Rogers and family, 2013
Mark Rogers, 2013
Descendants of Lela (Ladd) Beall
John and Mary Underwood and grandchildren
Descendants of Floyd Ladd
Donnie Watkins, descendant of Nila (Ladd) Haskin
Descendants of Irvie Ladd
Barbara Haun, descendant of Earl Ladd
Nila (Ladd) Haskin's 98th birthday celebration


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