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1032. Charles Morgan (7) was born on Sep 28 1680 in Richmond County, Virginia. He died in 1758 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Ref: Genealogies of Virginia Families,"Anthony Morgan of Old Rappahannock Co. by M.W. Hiden, p.708. In 1737 the Quit Rent Rolls for Prince William Co. show that Charles Morgan owned 650 acres. In 1749 (Prince William Deed Book M,p.55) he deeded land to his sons Benjamin and James and probably about the same time made similar provisions for sons William, Charles, Jr. and Simon. He furnished supplies for the French and Indian Wars (Boogher's Va. Gleanings p.99).

Probate: Will Book 1, p.107 Fauquier Co. (W) 5 Dec. 1758-(P) 22 Sep.1766. Lists his 2nd wife, Anne and 8 children: Charles, Simon, William, Benjamin, James, John, Alice and Mary. (If he and Alice had 6 children, then Alice and Mary were children of Anne and Charles?)

Ref: Virginia Wills & Administration 1632- 1800 by Clayton Torrence

Ref: "Northern Neck Virgina" copy from W.S. Foulks, Jr. listed as child of Anthony Morgan.

Ref: Charles Morgan, son of Anthony and Elizabeth (Taylor) Morgan was born Prince William Co.,Va. D. 1758 P.W.Co.,Va. He married Alice Thornton daughter of William Thornton. Information from Mrs. Leonard LeBlanc, 1750 W. Lambert Rd.#11, La Habra, Ca.90631.

1033. Alice Thornton died in 1766 in Virginia. Ref: "The Morgan Family" Northern Neck Virginia, coopies from W.S. Foulks, Jr. lists Alice Thornton as married to Charles Morgan. Six children are listed William, Charles Morgan, Jr., Simon, Benjamin, James, Alice.

Alice must have been Charles' first wife because his will lists his wife as Ann. Children were:

child i. Charles Morgan. Marriage: Ref: "The Morgan Family", Northern Neck Virginia, Copies from W.S. Foulks,Jr. Charles married Hannah ______. In 1734, they were living in St. Marks Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va.

Ref:"Fauquier Families, 1759-1799" by John P. Alcock,1994. Charles Morgan Sr. Will Book 1, P.107. Listed as Child.

child516 ii. Simon Morgan.
child iii. William Morgan died in 1797 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. He was born in Virginia. Ref: "The Morgan Family" Northern Neck Virginia, copies from W.S.Foulks, Jr. William spent most of his life in Fauquier Co. Va..He was a large land and slave holder. He was county surveyor of Prince William Co. and Fauquier Co. His 1st wife was Mary Duncan and they had 6 children: Charles , Mary, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Alice, Rosanna. William's 2nd wife was Elizabeth Hudnall and they had 6 chuldren: James, William, Joseph, Sally, Hannah, Frances.

Probate: "Fauquier Families, 1759-1799" by John P. Alcock 1994. Charles Morgan Sr. Will, Will Book 1 p.107. Listed as child.

Probate; Will Abstract: Morgan, Charles, Alleg.Co., p. 241 No. 170. Dated; 6 May 1800. Rec: 8 Nov 1808.

child iv. Benjamin Morgan(7). Ref: "The Morgan Family", Northern Neck Virginia copies from W.S. Foulks.Jr. Benjamin married Phebe Settle.

Ref: "Fauquier Families,1759-1799" by John P. Alcock 1994. LIsted as a child.

child v. James Morgan(7) was born in 1730. He died in 1763. Marriage: Ref: "The Morgan Family" Northern Neck Virginia copies from W. S.Foulks, Jr. James married Elizabeth Taylor.

Ref: "Fauquier Families 1759-1799" by John P. Alcock 1994. Listed as a child.

child vi. John Morgan died in 1787 in Tennessee. Ref: Genealogies of Virginia Families, Tyler Vol.II, p.708. Anthony Morgan of Old Rappahannock Co. by M.W. Hiden.

Probate: Ref: Fauquier Co. Will Book 1, p.107. Charles Morgan Sr. Will 1758 - Proved 1766. John is listed as a child. John is probably a son of Anne and Charles because he is not listed as a child of Alice and Charles in "The Morgan Family", Northern Neck, Virginia. Copies from W. S. Foulks, Jr.

Ref: Genealogies of Virginia Families, "Morgan Family of Tennessee", John Morgan of Virgina and Tennessee by Mrs. Robert C. Bannerman: "John Morgan was called 'Squire' and 'Captain', arrived in what is now Sumner County, Tennessee, on the Cumberline River, 2 Nov. 1785. Together with his two sons, John and Charles, built Fort Morgan. In the Spring of 1787 he was killed by an Indian."

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