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"Germanna Research Group"
(At this website, you can access pages for the 1st Colony, the 2nd Colony, Later Arrivals, Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood, etc.  Registration is free and once you are a member, you can read posts on the Message Board and post to them.  You can also access Members Research where you will find a wealth of information.)

The "Germanna Research Group" website is not connected to the "Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia".  It serves both 1st Colony and 2nd Colony research equally, with no concentration on either Colony.  It presents an alternate venue for those Germanna descendants who wish to conduct research on their ancestors.  Please log on to the "Germanna Research Group" and read about the Group.

You can always access the "Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia" here:
"Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia"

This website is affiliated with neither the "Germanna Research Group" nor the "Memorial Foundation" website.  It is an independent website, dedicated to all Germanna Colony descendants.

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you how to download a free program that will
allow you to view .PPT files.  Email me at
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John's Germanna Notes & Comments
John's Germany & Austria Photos
Historical Events Affecting Germanna Immigrants
What Does PALATINATE Mean?
Germanna Reunions
Table of East TN Germanna Families
BROYLES Ötisheim Church Records
Jerg WILHEIT Notes
VA Counties from 1684
VA County Index Program
The Little Fork Colony
Little Fork Patent Maps

KY Counties Formation Slide Show
MD Counties Formation Slide Show
NC Counties Formation Slide Show
PA Counties Formation Slide Show
TN Counties Formation Slide Show/a>
VA Counties Formation Slide Show
Current VA Counties & Independent Cities
WV Counties Formation Slide Show (Same as VA)

The NEW Website for the Memorial
Foundation of the Germanna Colonies
in Virginia, Inc.
  (You MUST check out the
new website!) NEW!
(To view many of the offerings of this website,
especially the "Premium Content", you must be
a member of the Foundation of the Germanna
Colonies.  Go to the website and become a

Cyndi's List-Everything You Ever
  Needed to Know About Names,
  Naming Traditions, Nicknames,
  Origins of Names, etc.  (Make
  Sure You Read Sections "General
  Resource Sites" and "Locality
Cemetery & Tombstone Iconography
Susan Hawkins' excellent page about symbols,
figures, letters, etc., seen on tombstones.
Intl. Currency Rates (Detailed)
Time for Any Country in the World
Very Important Links
Jeff AYLOR Website
Steve BROYLES Website
Virginia CARPENTER Website
Cathi CLORE Website
James HITT Website
The HITT Family
Nancy Green HOLTZCLAW Website
HOLTZCLAW Family History Site
John Terrill WAYLAND Website
Jim Chevallier WILHITE Website
James Hughes STOEVER Website

What is Germanna?  Where is Germanna located?
Who was a Germanna Colonist?  Who is a Germanna Descendant?
Why were all German emigrants in the late 1600's and early 1700's not called "Germanna Colonists"?

To read John Blankenbaker's excellent introduction to
this subject and his authoritative definitions of "Who
is a Germanna Colonist?
" and "Who is a
descendant of a Germanna Colonist?
or, go directly to John's personal website where you
can read his introduction to "The Germanna Colonies".

(To see maps of the two Colonies' Land Patents, go to the Land Patents web page.  The first map, drawn in 1729, is a plat of the land taken up by the 1st Colony in 1719, in the "Northern Neck", and is identified as "German Town".  The second and third maps show Land Patents of members of the 2nd Colony, in the Robinson River Valley, and were originally drawn in 1740.)

(The "1st Colony" arrived in Virginia in 1714; the "2nd Colony" arrived in 1717.)

(To find out exactly which German emigrants are included in what are called the "Germanna Colonies", you should go to "John Blankenbaker's Germanna Notes", and search through the Notes for the surname you wish to find.  One good explanation is in Note Nr. 176.  You can also see a list of surnames of those emigrants who came to this country from the Baden-Württemberg area of present-day Germany on the Germanna Surnames page.  Keep in mind that not all ZIMMERMAN's, or FLEISCHMANN's, or HOLTZCLAW's, etc., came from our area of Germanny, nor did all German emigrants with those surnames settle in the "Germanna area".  When looking at the list of "Germanna Surnames", you must be aware that your specific German ancestors, just because they have the same surnames, may not be "Germanna Colonists".)

This web site's purpose is to allow Germanna Colonies researchers to have a place to access contributions from other researchers, and have a place to deposit their own GEDCOM files.  We would like for you to drop us an e-mail.  Let us know if you find anything of value here.

We have many links to GERMANNA families, and GERMANNA-related families on the pages of this web site.  Just navigate through the links at the left and elsewhere on this website to see what is available.

(Note:  Since this page was started, in June of 1996, we have found that there is not a centralized web site for all the families of the 1st and 2nd Germanna Colonies immigrants.  We have added many pages for families that have asked for them.  If your family is not covered here, all you have to do is ask and we will add it to these pages.  Space is NOT a problem!  If you have GEDCOM files that you would like to place here, we will be glad to add them; if you have photos, we will add them also; regardless of the subject, or the size of the submission, we WILL accomodate you and add your contribution to this site.  All you have to do is send an email to SgtGeorge, explaining what you want, and we will do our best to add it.)

If you click on the "GEDCOM Databases" button at the top of this page, you will see the databases that we have added to date.  If you want your's added, all you have to do is send it to us.

If you click on the various buttons, you will also see links to articles, pages, photos, etc., of other Germanna Colonies families.

One thing you don't want to miss is "Researchers' Web Pages" and "Reserchers' Email Addresses".  These pages allow you to find others who are researching the same SURNAMES and lines/branches that you are researching.

(If you EVER have any questions about these pages, have problems navigating around, find errors, etc., PLEASE let me know at  Where you see underlined references, you may click on them and navigate to pages dealing with these subjects.)

I have started a Google Group where users may discuss non-genealogical topics, but which topics still relate to the Germanna community.

Google Groups
Subscribe to the Google Germanna_Colonies-Non_Genealogy Mailing List

 Visit the group, read the posts online, manage your subscription, build
and manage your profile, include a picture of yourself, etc.  You
can upload files to the Group for others to download.

NOTICE !!!!!
In May, 2000, and again in May, 2002, John and Eleanor Blankenbaker traveled to Germany and Austria to visit some of the home villages of our Germanna ancestors.  They took many photographs of these villages and have agreed to have some of them published here for all of us to enjoy.  You may visit each of these villages by clicking here for the Index Page.  We have posted photos for many villages, and a page of maps showing the location of most of the villages from which our ancestors immigrated.

GEDCOM Central!

We'd like to know which GERMANNA COLONIES family you are researching, and which branches/lines.  If possible, we would like to have your contributions in the form of a GEDCOM file.  You may attach the GEDCOM to an e-mail to us and we will convert it to an HTML and add a link to it on this web site.  Please include in your e-mail any information you would like to appear in the description for the link to your GEDCOM, e.g., your name, address, e-mail address, branch of the family, personal information, etc. For your convenience, we have provided the "Guest Book" so that you may sign-in and we may get to know you. (Any information you provide here will come directly to me, George W. Durman, and will not appear anywhere on the Web Site without your permission. It is for my information only.)

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