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This page is a repository of photos that relate to the BRITTLE family.  Click on the "Photos Home Page" at the bottom of this page to find links to other "Germanna Photos" pages, and to find out how to submit your Germanna photos for inclusion here.  Also, please read the instructions for sending the photos or graphics files to me.

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Brittle Photos


Photo provided by Shirley.  (She would like to correspond with anyone who can help her in establishing William B. BRITTLE as her Great-Grandfather.)  Here is her description of the picture:

This is a picture of William B. BRITTLE.  He is believed to be the father of my Grandmother, Laura Elizabeth BRITTLE.  The picture was found among her personal belongings, pictures, letters, and cards.  The family has always said she was an orphan.  I guess she was, in a round about way.  Her father left her with a family (name unknown) when her mother died.  They could not keep her and another family, by the name of WOOLSEY (which I have not been able to trace), took her in and raised her until she married my Grandfather in December of 1900.  Mr. BRITTLE died in 1915.  He was 78 years old.  He was born in Tennessee about 1837, and moved to Missouri in the late 1870's; he lived in the McDonald County and Jasper County areas.  He was living in Joplin, MO (Jasper County) when he died.  My Grandmother was born 16April1877 (place unknown).

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