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Links Pertaining to Research on the Germanna Colonies and General German Research.

  • TnGenWeb. A link to the new Tennessee Genealogy Web Page. If you need information about Genealogy in Tennessee, you will probably find it here. Included are links to County Web Pages and other important sources of information and data.

  • USGenWeb. This is the home page for the U.S. Genealogy Project Home Page that gives you access to the home pages for all States in the country. Don't miss this one!

  • State of Tennessee Home Page. Here you have access to all official departments in the state goverment. A wealth of information!

  • State of Tennessee Library & Archives Homepage. Check in here to find out where to find those vital records you have been searching for.

  • McClung Historical Collection. Knoxville, TN.

  • German English On-Line Dictionary.

  • Internet Sources of German Genealogy.

  • Palatines to American.

  • The HITT Family Genealogy Discussion List and Web Page.

    Links Not Related to the Germanna Colonists, but Which Are Goldmines for Doing Research.

    Other Genealogy Links that May be of Interest to You.

    • The Early America Review. A Journal of Fact and Opinion On the People, Issues, and Events of 18th Century America.
    • The Olive Tree Home Page. This page is a must if you want to research the ships your ancestors came over on. The author updates the Ships List several times a week. You can access a list of ships, categorized by ports of debarkation, and pull up passenger lists for all dates of each ship. (You might want to go back to the author's Home Page and see what else he has there. Lots of interesting stuff.)
    • ROOTS Surnames List -Intro. Check in here to find out how to use the ROOTS-L Surname Search Services.
    • ROOTS Surnames List. - Search for SURNAMES. One of the most complete databases on the Web.
    • Society & Culture, Families - YAHOO An excellent source for getting started on the Web. Links to just about every branch of Sociology, then many, many sub-branches to find exactly what you are searching for.

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