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By Vicki Goble Schultz
Volume 9, Issue 1, July 2002

Copyright (c) 2002 by Vicki Goble Schultz all rights reserved.

Flag at Ground Zero


Note: The number in parenthesis within the name of an individual indicates the generation of descendant in America in the Thomas (1) Goble tree. Others will be identified by the name of their tree.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the events of September 11, 2001. In addition, a special thank you to those of you who are serving in the military, fighting fires, saving lives and keeping our streets safe. You are the pride of our nation!

I will aid those in need - giving not only of my resources, but of myself - so that I can help strengthen in others the sense of hope that draws people from around the world to our nation's shores. By Bette-Jane Raphael


By Evelyn Goble Steen

George Goble

George D. Goble was born Aug 1, 1819 in Kinsale, Bantry Bay, County Cork, Ireland to another George Goble. He came to America in 1836 and in 1837 settled in Oswego, New York. He was a ship's carpenter, which was apparently a trade he learned from his father. He became one of the best known shipbuilders on the Great Lakes building his first schooner in 1856, the Titan. From that time until 1891 when the big Government dredge Frontenac was launched he had built 34 large schooners, tugs and yachts. He built among others the Alanson Sumner, the first big lake tug.

The boats built by George Goble at his shipyard were the Titan, W. Sanderson, Bermuda, W.I. Preston, George Goble, Thomas S. Mott, Senator Blood, James Platt, Montauk, Bahama, Knight Templar, tug F.D. Wheeler, Henry Fitzhugh, Oliver Branch, George C. Finney, Jamaica, Nevada, Florida, Guiding Star, John T. Mott, West Side, Madeira, tug Alanson Sumner, Nassau, Daniel Lyons, Atlanta, Sam Cook, M.J. Cummings, J. Maria Scott, Leadville, tug Charley Ferris, steam yacht Aida and dredge Frontenac.

He was active in Republican politics for a number of years and represented the First Ward in the Common Council from 1869 until 1877. He was a member of the building committee, which constructed the Oswego City Hall. He watched the work of construction of it from the laying of the first stone to its completion and was considered to be a reputable and respected member of the community for nearly 70 years.

George married Sarah Collins about 1844 and they had seven children: George William, Nicolás/Nicholson C., Joseph Heron, Thomas C., Hioniasy, Frederick and Catharine E. Four of George's sons followed in their father's footsteps and became shipbuilders. George William Goble (3rd) and Nicolás/Nicholson C. Goble co-founded the Goble Boat Works in Oswego. George William Goble also served in the Navy during the Civil War on the U.S.S. Mohegan.

Four Generations of Gobles

The U. S. dredge Frontenac, built in 1891, was the last boat constructed at the Goble shipyard. For some years thereafter the business was carried on as a repair year, as this was the only dry dock on the American shore of Lake Ontario capable of servicing schooners. George Goble was one of the best-known builders on the Great Lakes. His vessels were considered the staunchest of their class.

Mr. Goble was widely known for his charitable disposition and was a man who believed in the brotherhood of his fellowman as is evidenced by his lifelong devotion to his fraternal organizations and his church. He died in Oswego on October 15, 1906.


  1. Dave Goble, Holland, MI
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  4. Obituary from the Oswego Daily Times, Sat., Oct. 13, 1906
  5. Irish Goble Tree database.


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Book Review

ONCE UPON A LIFETIME..." by Patricia A. Williams (wife of Harry R. (11) Williams). Paperback - 225 Pages - 6.375 x 7.9375 x 0.625 in - ISBN 0968140009 12th edition. Published in December 1996 by TIME BROKER INC. "National best-seller" in its 12th printing and a core item in all Chapters bookstores across Canada. It is a 1001 questional tutorial to help people record the stories of their life. Order on-line at

Luther Benjamin (9) Goble Reunion

Planned for August 10, 2002 at Lewisville Park, just north of Battle Ground, Clark Co., WA on state highway 503.

Contact people:

Linda Harteloo
P.O. Box 131
Washougal, WA 98671

Judi Schwindt
3592 Spirit Lake Hwy.
Silver Lake, WA 98645-9707


Reunion Fun!

Here's an idea!

Have everyone bring a baby picture and post a blank sheet of paper along with the picture. Everyone writes in a guess as to who the baby in the picture is, and the person with the most correct guesses wins!

From a Reader

I know this is a silly question, but are Gobles taller than average. I was reading an article on Hugh Goble on you website and he looked very tall. I am married to Richard Goble a direct descendant of Thomas Goble I think 12, and he is 6'8" and a lot of people in his family are 6'4 +...thanks for your time.


Not a silly question at all! Actually, I've been asked this quite a few times. In our very early history the Goble pioneers and mountain men who were written about were referred to as large, some tall. As the generations progressed and married into other families many of our lines became quite short.

In my own line of Gobles, I am 5' 2", my father was 5' 6", my grandfather father was 5' 5" and my great-grandfather was over 6' and considered to be somewhat rotund. My great-grandmother was 4'10" of Irish descent. They had 11 children, all fairly short, mid 5' range. However, some of my great-grandfather's brothers married tall women and of those in Iowa, Washington and Oregon many were/are over 6 feet. If you look at the family reunion photos from this past year you'll see we have some tall family and some very short family. You always have to consider the other half of the equation!

I'd love to hear how you are connected and make sure I have your line accurate in our database. Have a great day.
Evelyn Goble Steen

Here is a word-for-word newspaper article provided by Robin M. Frye from her grandmother's scrapbook about her grandfather, High Goble. This took place in Kentucky about 1927-1928.

Woodrow Goble 16, is victim of tragic shooting

Hi Goble slayer, Claims Fatal Shooting Accidental

Woodrow Goble 16 years old of Emma was shot and killed Monday afternoon in the Nelson Hollow one mile above his home by Hi Goble 20, a hunting companion who claims that the tragedy occurred when he thought the other was a groundhog and fired a load from a shotgun into the others face and chest. The victim died within a few minutes after being shot. Contents of shotgun fired from a range of twenty yards pierced the head and chest. Young Goble was taken to the home of his Uncle Anse Goble. According to the version of the affair received here Woodrow Goble, his brother Ike Goble, and Hi Goble, a distant relative, started hunting together. Separating, Woodrow Goble forged in front of the others and slightly above them as they walked around the hillside. As Hi Goble saw what he is said to have believed a groundhog through the bushes above him he fired. The victim was the son of Sam Goble, and the slayer the son of George Goble, Both of Emma. It is said the boys had never held enmity for each other. Hi Goble is reported as being nigh distracted with grief because of the tragedy. The slain youth is survived by the father and the following brother's and sisters: Edgill, Ike, Nettle, and Frank all at home. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday by Rev L.L.Casto of Dwale minister of the M.E.Church, South. Burial was made in the Leslie Cemetery near Emma.

Notes from Evelyn: This Goble family is from our German tree.

High Goble, George W. Goble, Charles Gobble, Jacob Gobble/Goble, Christian Gabel/Gobel/Goble, Johann Friedrich Gabel, Hans (Johann) Jacob Gabel

Woodrow Goble, Samuel Goble, Isaac Goble, Elijah Goble/Gobble, Isaac Gobble, Christian Gabel/Gobel/Goble, Johann Friedrich Gabel, Hans (Johann) Jacob Gabel

According to the computer Woodrow and High were 3rd cousins, once removed.

Happy (over 80) Goble Birthdays

  • Charles Milton (12) Moffat (January) 84
  • Edith Maxine (Greene) Goble (January) 84
  • Fredie Lee (11) Goble & Lucy Emerson Goble (January & January) 88 & 87

  • Howard Clarence (10) Larson (February) 84
  • May (10) Goble Keighley (February) 95
  • Norma Severne (11) Goble Boykiw (February) 84

  • A. Carol Koleszar (March) 80
  • Jesse H. (9) Stidd (March) 82

  • Herman John Goble (April)85
  • Robert (11) Goble, Jr. (April) 85
  • William Elmer (11) Goble (April) 92

  • Gordon Millard Clement (May) 80

  • Theodore William "Dude" (11) Goble (June) 84

  • Eileen Selma (Russell) Goble (July) 82
  • Julian Sale (10) Goble (July) 99

  • Clara Louise (10) (Goble) Buck (August) 90
  • Mary Elizabeth (11) Goble Thornton (August) 87
  • Ruby Venita (Todd) (Goble) Surface (August) 83

  • Harriet (Coe) Larson (September) 82

  • Floyd Eugene (11) Goble (October) 82
  • Minnie (Sickendick) Thompson (October) 86
  • Roy Scott (11) Goble (October) 88
  • Louise Crews Jenkins (October) 90

  • Esther Marie (Klymaszewski) Goble (November) 82
  • Eva Goble Webb (November) 84
  • Helen Marie (11) (Goble) Klem (November) 85
  • Karl K. (11) Goble (November) 85

  • William Howard (11) Goble (December) 87
  • Betty Jane (9) Goble Hollenbaugh (1922) 80

If your name is not on the list, please contact me so your OVER 80 birthday can be recognized in our next issue of the newsletter. Vicki (Goble) Schultz, 718 Buchanan, Mendon, Michigan 49072.


Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. - Lorriane Hansberry


Jerry Goble, 82, of Bonner Springs, KS, passed way Wednesday, January 30, 2002, at his home. Burial was in Bonner Springs Cemetery.

Mr. Goble was born October 13, 1919 in Bonner Springs, KS. He was lovingly referred to as his Honor the Mayor of Loring, KS. He was a member and Elder Emeritus in the First Christian Church in Bonner Springs. He was past National President of Mended Hearts Inc. and was past President of Heart of America Chapter #86 of Mended Hearts Inc. He was Scout Master of Boy Scout Troop 41 in Bonner Springs for 17 years and was a member of the Order of the Arrow and had received the coveted Silver Beaver Award. He was a member of the Bonner Springs Rotary Club, where he received the Paul Harris Award. He was a U.S. Postal employee for 37 years, retiring in 1977 and was a member of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees and was awarded "Man of the Year" from that organization. He was also a member of A.A.R.P. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Mary Frances Goble of the home; Amy and husband, Matt Benton, of the home; one brother, Fredie L. and wife, Lucy Goble of Bonner Springs, KS; twin sisters, Nancy and husband, Bill Chick of Overland Park, Ks; Betty and husband, Burnie Hiett of St. Joseph, MO; sister-in-law, Genevieve and husband, Darrell Donahue of Bonner Springs, KS; and several nieces and nephews.


Edward Jerry (11) Goble, Robert A. (10), Stephen H. H. (9), William Henry "Harrison" (8), David H. (7), Stephen (6), Stephen (5), Daniel (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble

John Goble, president of Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers in Santa Rosa, died Tuesday at home in Windsor. He was 52 and had waged a yearlong battle with cancer.

Goble was born in 1949 in Scotia, Humboldt County, to Garvin and Margaret Goble. He grew up in Fortuna, where his dad was the town doctor, his uncle was the town mortician and his aunt worked as a newspaper reporter, recalled his wife, Robin. "When I married Jack, I also married a small town of about 5,000 people," she said of the close-knit community.

Goble was a high school junior working on a Humboldt County surveying screw when he was encouraged by John Winzler and Bob Kelly to study engineering. He did and returned each summer as a Winzler & Kelly intern, joining the firm as an engineer after receiving an engineering degree from University of the Pacific in Stockton and a master's degree in environmental engineering from Stanford University.

In 1982, Goble met his future wife, Robin. She was a city planner in Arcata, and he was a consulting engineer. They married in 1983 in the same church where Goble's parents had wed. They moved to Windsor, where their two sons, Jared, 16, and Derek, 15, were born.

In his public life, Goble was a supporter of his profession, an active alumni who was honored for his contributions by University of Pacific. "There are so many things that the engineering profession does for society," Goble said in a recent interview. "Nations are built on roads. Roads make the difference between a Third World country and a country with the means to move forward." Goble is credited with crafting the transformation of Winzler & Kelly from a small firm into a sophisticated, far-reaching practice. The firm worked on may public and private projects in Santa Rosa and across Sonoma County, including the Geysers wastewater pipeline. He became the firm's president in 1993.

Privately, he enjoyed spending time with his family, water and snow skiing, backpacking, and gardening. He was proud of his tomatoes. "What a gentleman and gently person Jack was. I spoke to him soon after he learned of his illness, and his main concern was the effect on his family," said Santa Rosa City Councilwoman Sharon Wright.

He is remembers by his Winzler & Kelly colleagues as a special boss. "Jack's friends are hurting today, especially everyone at Winzler & Kelly, but he left his house in order," said Iver Skavdal, executive vice president.

In addition to his wife and sons, Goble is survived by his mother, Margaret, and his brothers, Jay Goble and James Goble.


John Clyde (12) Goble, Garvin Garland (11), Clyde Vernon (10), William Wesley (9), Ephraim (8), George W. (7), Benjamin (6), Daniel (5), Daniel (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble

Gordon Goble, 91, of Calhoun died Saturday, October 20, 2001 at 10:20 p.m. at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton. He was born in Gordon County on September 16, 1910, son of the late Robert Nathaniel B. Goble and Julia Elizabeth Brogdon Goble, and had spent his entire life here. He was a retired farmer and a member of Damascus Baptist Church. He was preceded in death by his wife of 61 years, Wesley Eugene "Jean" Goble. In 1998; stepmother, Ollie Jordan Goble; six brothers, Wallace "Red," Baxter "Bunk," Floyd, Newton, Douglas, and Franklin Goble; a sister, Patsy Wingate; and two grandsons, Shane Brown and Dwayne Goble. Survivors include two daughters and sons-in-law, Rebecca and Jack Brown and Judy and Jerry Mulkey; three sons and daughters-in-law, Richard and Sue Goble, Roger and Van Goble, and Jan and Beth Goble, all of Calhoun; a brother, Eugene Goble of Calhoun; eight sisters, Pauline Thomason, Estelle Messer, Winnie Hobgood, Betty Bailey, Nancy Adcock, and Roxie Leffew, all of Calhoun; Odell Taylor of Rome; and Ethelyn Goble of Amsterdam, Holland; grandchildren and their spouses, Daryl Goble, Shea and Brett Smith, Sawn and Kim Brown, Regina and Terry Mulkey, Cindy and Steve Paul, Brook and Barry Holbert, Christopher Mulkey, Chap and Kelly Goble, Shanda Goble and her fiancé Ryan LaForge, Patrick Goble, Andrew Goble, Mary Katherine Goble, and William Goble; and great-grandchildren, Brandi Mulkey, Brittany Mulkey, Caleb Young, Jacob Young, B.J. Holbert, Blair Holbert, Christian and Erin Elizabeth Paul, and Anna Rebecca Smith. Interment was in Chandler Cemetery.


Gordon Lee Goble, Robert Nathaniel Baxter, John Henry, William Davidson E. "Bud," Corbin/Corban, Cornelius, John Goble of the Southern Goble Tree.

Tony Goble

Tony Goble, 67, of 230 Court St., Apt. 305, died at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, December 1, 2001, at his residence. Born September 2, 1934, in Olney to Pearl Edgar and Stella Mae Sparling Goble, he married Ruth M.L. Keevil on September 4, 1954, in Newbury Berkshire, England. He later married Dana K. Lowe on August 8, 1986, in Camdenton, Missouri. Surviving are two daughters, Linda Ritchason and Janice (and Bryan) Potts, both of Pekin; two sons, Richard "Rick" (and Dawn) of Peoria and Tony L.C. "T.C." of Bonita Springs, Florida; seven grandchildren; six brothers, H. Eugene (and Marilyn) of West Salem, Therman (and Bonnie) of Friedens, Pa., Sherman (and Reba) of Bridgeport, James (and Carol) and Ronald (and Jeanne) both of Edmond, Okla, and Thomas (and Nancy) of Robinson; and three sisters, Betty Chazez of Casa Grande, Ariz., Lulubelle (and Walter) Hundley of McPherson, Kan., and Selma Fransted of Rockville, Ind. He was preceded in death by three sisters and one brother. A Korean War Army veteran, he served from 1951 to 1959 in Korea and England. He worked as a carpenter in Florida for ten years. Prior to that, he worked at Herget National Bank in Pekin for a number of years and also had worked as a carpenter through Carpenters Local 644. He was a member of Pekin Bible Church. Burial was at Camp Butler National Cemetery in Springfield.


Tony Goble, Edgar Pearl, Elzie/Elza, Benjamin Franklin Goble of the Unconnected Goble Tree

Rev. William D. Goble Jr., 79, of Bomoseen, VT, died Saturday, November 10, at Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland, VT. His wife, Mildred E. (Sell) Goble died several years ago. He leaves a son, W. David Goble of Boxborough, MA, and a half brother, Corban Goble of Bowling Green, KY, and one granddaughter, Kathleen H. Goble of Boxborough and Acton, MA. He graduated from Syracuse University and Andover-Newton Theological Seminary. He was an American Baptist Minister and later a United Church of Christ Minister. He retired from the Brimfield Congregational Church and also served in Jamaica Plain, MA, Rockland, MA, Syracuse, NY, and Manchester, NH. Interment was in North Cemetery.


William David Goble, 2nd, William David (Will), Elkanah, Corban, Corban, John Goble of the Southern Goble Tree.

Don and Helen Klem

Donald Baxter Klem, who was one of our eldest participants at the 1998 Goble reunion in Blue Springs, Missouri, has died. Don was born May 28, 1914 in McClouth, Kansas to Peter Klymaszewski and Amelia Emily Otto. He married Helen Marie Goble, daughter of Edger Allen "Al" Goble and Lena Luella Scott, on July 15, 1933 in Leavenworth, Kansas. Don worked for Phillips Petroleum for over 35 years and retired in 1978. Don and Helen traveled by motor home throughout the United States for many years. He was a member of the Piper Baptist Church. Services were held at the Alden Harrington funeral home in Bonner Springs Kansas, officiating was Reverand Roy Scott Goble, brother to Don's wife Helen. He leaves 2 sons: Donald Eugene (Mildred) Klem, Delos Gregory (Sandra) Klem, both of Missouri Carolyn Joyce (Richard) Street of Colorado; 9 grandchildren, many great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. Burial was at Flower Cemetery, McClouth, Kansas.


Donald Baxter (Klem) Klymaszewski married Helen Marie (11) Goble, Edger Allen "Al" (10), Francis (Francisco) E. (9), William Henry "Harrison" (8), David H. (7), Stephen (6), Stephen (5), Daniel (4), Daniel/David (3), Daniel (2), Thomas (1), Willmi (William) Goble.

A Goble Ship*1*2

By Evelyn Goble Steen

In 1863 a double masted scow-schooner was built in Oswego, New York. The ship was named the "George D. Goble." The ship navigated the Great Lakes until December 5, 1871 when due to a navigational error it missed the channel and went ashore near Kettle Point in Lake Huron. She was declared a total loss.

The next springs the ship was recovered by Canadians and was rebuilt and renamed the M. C. CAMERON in 1873. Evidently by 1879 the ship had gone ashore again in Goderich, Ontario, Lake Huron. Perhaps she was a total loss at that time as her registry was closed at the end of 1879.


By Evelyn Goble Steen

George Washington (9) Goble

George Washington (9) Goble was the author and coordinator of the first, most comprehensive study on the Goble family history. Although he did not publish his completed work for resale, it is available at the LDS Library and Family History Centers around the country.

George Washington Goble was born in Elk County, Kansas December 21, 1887 to Samuel Harper (8) Goble and Nannie E. Fisher. He moved east to Ohio (College Corner) when he was 4 or 5 years old by covered wagon. After college he taught high school in Alton, Indiana, where Roberta Lee Sonner was one of his pupils. George and Roberta married August 20, 1913 in Indianapolis, Indiana. After law school he practiced in Connersville, Indiana from 1915-1919. He was a professor of Law at the University of Kentucky from 1919-1921, and served in the same capacity at the University of Illinois from 1921 through 1956 when he was named Professor Emeritus. During his career he served as a Visiting Professor of Law at Cornell, Columbia and twice at Yale.

George and Roberta had four children: Elizabeth Fisher (10) Goble; June Harper (10) Goble; George Washington (10) Goble, 2nd; and Thomas Sonner (10) Goble.

George always had an extreme interest in the Goble family history and he collaborated with many of his cousins over the greatest part of his life to pull together the genealogy on which every book since has been based. Those contributing to this work were: Lloyd Orr (11) Goble (an architectural construction engineer), William Luther (9) Goble (high school administrator), Lloyd (9) Goble, Frederick (9) Goble (Author of a "Goble Family Tree"), Edward Ralph (9) Goble (Advertising Business Director of Chicago Times and owner of Stack-Goble Ad Agency), George Watson (9) Roy (noted genealogist and contributor on Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey, by William C. Armstrong), Frans C. (11) Goble (Microbiologist with Cooper Laboratories Inc. New Jersey), Frank L. (9) Goble, Miriam McGuffey (10) West, Merle and Lois (9) Goble (President of the Indiana State Music Association; Tri-State Association; Phi Delta Kappa; Listed in Who's Who in Music and Who's Who in American Education; member National Music Association, School Superintendent of Whitley County, Indiana), George Corban (10) Goble (Journalism Professor at Western Kentucky University), Dr. Garvin (11) Goble (Physician), and Estella M. (11) Hughes, as well as professional genealogists: Laura Frost, C, E, Shirk, Alfred L. Holman, and Charles C. Gardner.

The Goble Family was completed in 1952, handwritten. In the Preface of the book George writes, "The material has been gathered over a period of many years from family Bibles, church records, public records, cemeteries, historical publications, personal interviews and hundreds of letters from members of the family throughout the country. Some connections in the tree have not been established by documentary or other first hand evidence. Depending upon the credibility of the evidence in these cases they are indicated at the places used as "probable" or "possible." Some Gobles, most probably of the Thomas Goble family, are not included because of complete lack of evidence. The descendants of some Gobles definitely belonging to the family are completely unaccounted for. There are missing links in some lines and undoubtedly there are errors. There is therefore much to be done by future genealogists of the family. It is believed however, that this work brings together in systematic form more material on the Goble family than has heretofore been presented." He goes on to say ..."the research of many persons has been used and incorporated into this final product. The most substantial contributions were made by the persons listed..." "But for them this work would not have been possible. Special acknowledgement is due to the first four persons named for having placed in the author's hands, the complete results of their years of research on the Goble family."


Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you're all having a great year. Our web site is constantly growing and we're making contact with new cousins every week. We currently have over 45,000 names in our massive databases of Goble cousins. We average over 50 visits per day from those searching for their roots and checking our progress. I have recently obtained two domain names that will take you easily to our web page. Both and will lead you directly to the Goble Genealogy Homepage. Our RootsWeb site address is still: I continue to collect and add census data as well as marriage, death, cemetery, and military service listings. New photographs, biographies and stories are added frequently. If you would like to contribute data you have collected, write a story or biography about your ancestor, contribute photographs for the record, please contact me at Have a wonderful safe and happy summer. Write or call me anytime!

Best wishes,

Evelyn Goble Steen, 36 Lake Meade Drive, East Berlin, PA 17316 - 717 -259-7870


REUNION NOTICE: The next Goble Reunion will be held in just 2 years. It's time to start thinking about where and when. Our "Triennial" event will probably be held on the east coast in 2004. How about Morristown NJ or Concord MA, Gettysburg PA or Washington DC? If you have any suggestions, recommendations or ideas don't hesitate to contact us. It's time to start planning! Contact a member of the board:

Reunion Committee by Regions

A Special Note

I have finally completed my first issue of the Goble Family Newsletter and I could not have done it without the endless support and assistance from Evelyn Goble Steen. I have learned a great deal and look forward to the next issue, as I am sure it will be a little less stressful! I welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have. If you have any stories you would like to tell about your Goble ancestor, please send them in. You can contact me via email at or write to me at 718 Buchanan, Mendon, Michigan 49072.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Vicki Goble Schultz

Goble Family Association Bylaws

Article I - It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to meet at least annually to administer the family association during the interval between the triennial meeting; to determine the order of business and approve the program for the triennial meetings; to fill executive vacancies until the next election of officers; to provide communication channels for the members of the Association; and to perform such duties as may be delegated by the Association. Official meetings of the Executive Board may be conducted by phone, e-mail or other alternative methods.

The Board shall also meet to administer the affairs of the Association at such other times as are deemed necessary by, and at the call of, the Executive Committee Chairperson. Times and places for all meeting shall be directed by the Executive Committee Chairperson.

A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of at least 50% of members.

Article II - It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee Chairperson to preside at all general meetings of the Association; to preside at the meetings of the Executive Board; to exercise a general supervision over the Association; to call special meetings of the Executive Board as deemed necessary; to submit to the triennial meeting a report of all official acts of the Executive Board; and to keep the general membership informed al all actions carried out in the name of the Goble Family Association.

Article III -It shall be the duty of an Executive Committee Member to carry out policies of the Association by developing and administering specific programs as approved by the Executive Board within the assigned areas of activity; to assist the Executive Committee Chairperson in all matters pertaining to the activities of the Association; to act on behalf of the Executive Committee Chairperson in his/her absence.

On the demise or resignation of the Executive Committee Chairperson, the other Executive Committee Board Members will elect another Chairperson to serve until the next triennial meeting and election.

Article IV - It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board; and to perform such other duties as the Executive Committee Chairperson and the Executive Board may direct.

Article V - It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep accurate records of all dues, contributions, and other monies received and disbursed on behalf of the Association; to present a financial report to the Executive Board as requested, and to the triennial Association meetings.

All expenditures, other than those budgeted, must be approved by the Executive Committee Chairperson, or in his/her absence, by the Vice Executive Committee Chairperson. Expenditures, other than normal operating expenses must be approved by the Executive Board.

The signature of the Treasurer and one other officer must be on all money accounts. (This will serve as a protection in the case of the absence or demise of the Treasurer).

Article VI - It shall be the duty of the Genealogist/Historian to supervise and direct the compilation of complete and accurate genealogical records of the Goble family and, if necessary, to appoint a committee to assist him/her, subject to the approval of the Executive Board; to assist in the gathering of genealogical data; to supervise and conduct the compilation and writing of the biographical records, family histories, and personal histories, pertaining to ancestors and descendants of the Goble family; and to assist people in tracing and proving their Goble lineage.

Article VII -It shall be the duty of the Newsletter Editor to provide information through a newsletter to the members of the Association concerning the activities of the Association and its members. Assistants may be appointed as necessary, subject to the approval of the Executive board. (The Newsletter Editor shall be appointed by the Executive Committee).

Article VIII - Any amendments to the Bylaws may be made by a majority vote of the members present at a triennial meeting. The Executive Board or any member of the Association may propose an amendment by notifying the Executive Committee Chairperson in writing of the substance of the amendment. Every member will be mailed a copy of the proposed amendment at least one month in advance of said meeting.

Article IX - In the event of the dissolution of this Association at any future time, either voluntarily or involuntarily, whether formally or otherwise, all records, documents or artifacts of any nature, owned or held by the Association shall be given to a Historical or Genealogy Society determined by the majority of officers at that time. It shall be the duty of any officer of the Association, having knowledge of such dissolution, to carry out the provisions of the Article.

Goble Family Association Constitution

Article I - Then name of the Association shall be THE GOBLE FAMILY ASSOCIATION.

It is an organization, formed to preserve the records of the family posterity and to provide the means for reviving, forming, and perpetuating Goble Family friendships and associations.

Article II -The objectives of this Association shall be:

  1. To encourage and develop family contacts among all members of the Goble Family (or any Variation in the spelling of GOBLE).
  2. To encourage and develop the study of the genealogy of each branch of the GOBLE family.

Article III - Membership in this Association shall be open to all descendants of the GOBLE name, along with their husbands, wives, children, and widows or widowers. Membership shall be a family Membership which includes husband, wife, and their children under 18 years of age.

Article IV -There shall be a general meeting of all members every 3 years, and other meetings deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

The time and place of the triennial meetings shall be determined by the Executive Board. The Agenda of the triennial meetings shall include the election of officers, the presentation of reports of the Executive Board, and any other business deemed necessary.

Article V -The elected officers of the Goble Family Association shall consist of an Executive Board Chairperson, 6 Regional Executive Board Members, a Recording Secretary, a Correspondence Secretary, a Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer, a Genealogist/Historian, a Newsletter Editor and no less than 6 or more than 12 Trustees. Triennially the Executive Board shall determine the number of Trustees needed to serve the Association for the ensuing triennium.

The executive Board shall consist of all elected officers and trustees. The term of each themselves.

Triennially the Executive Committee Chairperson shall appoint a three-member Nominating Committee from the membership of the Association and shall designate its Chairman. The Committee shall nominate persons for each office of the Association and for each trustee position needing to be filled at the next general meeting of the Association, and shall report all such nominations in writing, mailed to every member at least one month in advance of said meeting.

Article VI -The Executive Board has the authority to setup committees and make any special appointments as deemed necessary to the well-being of the Association, including the appointment of a person to fill any office that may become vacant. Any special appointments shall be considered ended with the election of new officers.

Article VII - Any amendments to the Constitution may be made by a majority vote of the members present at a triennial meeting. The Executive Board or any member of the Association may propose an amendment by notifying the Executive Committee Chairperson in writing of the substance of the amendment at least sixty days prior to the next general triennial meeting. Before an amendment can be voted upon, every member will be mailed a copy of the proposed amendment at least one month in advance of said meeting. Trustee shall be for 3 years and so arranged that Trustees shall be elected at each triennial meeting. All other officers shall serve for a three-year term and are eligible to succeed.

Goble Family Association Subscription Form


___ Annual Goble Family Association dues of $10.00 per family for the year 2002 is enclosed.  
___ I prefer to join the Association and pay for both years 2002 and 2003.  $20.00 is enclosed.
___ Payment of $10.00 (US currency) enclosed for snail mailed newsletter (Years 2002 and 2003).
___ I would prefer to receive an e-mailed notice when the newsletter is available on-line (no cost). 
___ My contribution of $_______ to the Goble Family Association is enclosed.

Mail to:    Goble Family Association
	    c/o Vicki Goble Schultz
	    718 Buchanan
	    Mendon, MI 49072

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