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1870 Census of Platte County, NE
transcribed by Sue Baker

There are 51 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abbot, C A
Abbot, Charles F
Abbot, E J
Abbot, Martha A
Abbot, N S
Abensheit, Andres
Adams, Andrew H
Adams, Chs.
Adler, Ferdinand
Aesenhawer, Anna
Aesenhawer, Barbara
Aesenhawer, Georg
Aesenhawer, George B
Aesenhawer, Helry
Aesenhawer, Margrate
Aesenhawer, Rosena
Ahrens, Anna
Ahrens, Carena
Ahrens, E
Ahrens, Gacena
Ahrens, Herman
Ahrens, Johanna
Ahrens, John
Ahrens, Margerate
Ahrens, Minni
Allen, Burnell
Allen, F. Elsie
Allen, Fannie E
Allen, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Jonas
Anderson, Samuel
Arche, John
Arnold, A J
Arnold, Albert G
Arnold, Amand M
Arnold, Henry J
Arnold, Maria
Asche, Anna
Asche, Anna M
Asche, B Henry
Asche, Eliza
Asche, Fredrick W
Asche, Gerhard
Asche, John G
Asche, Kastmire
Asche, Mary
Asche, William
Aurthus, J. A.
B**er, Robert P.
B*nner, John
B*nner, Johnny
B*nner, Katherine
B*nner, Margeratae
B*nner, Samuel
Bader, Adolf
Bader, Charles
Bader, Joseph
Bahlen, Anna
Bahlen, Eliza
Bahlen, Fredrick
Bakenhus, Anna
Bakenhus, Henry
Bakenhus, Herman
Bakenhus, Louisa M
Bakenhus, Ludwick
Bakenhus, Matilda
Baker, Caroline E
Baker, Edward
Baker, Elizabeth C
Baker, Eunice A
Baker, Henry I
Baker, Hillman B
Baker, Hilman
Baker, Jos A
Baldom, Hemsgelter
Barclay, G. D.
Bargenbuch, Fredrick
Bargenbuch, Henry
Bargenbuch, Kathrine
Bargenbuch, Louis
Barmun, Carrie
Barmun, Francis L
Barmun, G C
Barmun, Hellen
Barmun, Martha
Barmun, Meranda
Barmun, Sarah
Barrock, Chs.
Barron, James
Barron, John
Barron, John N
Barron, Joseph L
Barron, Marth
Barron, Martha E
Barron, Samuel A
Barry, Thomas
Bartels, Charles
Bartels, Fred
Bartels, Sarah
Bartlett, Edward
Barton, Melissa
Barton, N. H.
Bates, Francis M.
Baulhoppen, Paul
Baylor, Patrick
Beam, Cornelia
Beam, Fredrick
Beam, Henry
Beam, Mary
Beauz, Cristean
Becher, Annie B
Becher, Gus G.
Beck, John
Becker, J. P.
Becker, Wm
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Corea
Bell, Lewell C
Benke, Michael
Bennet, Chs. H.
Bennet, Jard
Bennet, John
Berger, Fred
Berger, Mary
Berney, George
Berney, Rosa
Berny, Joseph
Bettner, Martin
Bicher, Annie J
Bicher, F G
Bicher, Johny G
Bicher, Mary E
Bicher, William T
Bickner, Chs
Billois, Aug. C.
Bladorn, Martin
Bladorn, Martins
Bladorn, Wilhelmena
Bladorn, Wilhelmena
Bladorn, William
Blanchard, D L
Blandford, Chs
Blandford, John
Blandford, John
Blandford, Julia
Blandford, Thomas
Blandford, William H
Blaser, Anna
Blaser, Fredrick
Blaser, Hector
Blaser, Johannas
Blaser, John
Blaser, Louis
Blaser, M. Eliza
Blaser, Mary
Blaser, Mary
Blaser, Nicholas
Blaser, Nicholas
Blaser, Sophia
Bli*sard, Isac
Blodget, E A
Blodget, Emma
Blodget, J O
Blodget, Sarah
Bolam, John
Bonestad, Norris
Bonestad, Phil
Bonesteel, S. A.
Born, Albert
Born, Eliza
Born, Johanas
Born, John
Born, Mary
Born, Mary S
Born, Rosa
Boss, John
Boss, John
Bouman, J. H.
Boweir, Lidia
Bowers, Hannah
Bradeheft, Attlerheit
Bradeheft, John
Bradeheft, John
Bradeheft, Mary
Bradon, Frank
Brady, Addurs
Brady, Georgie
Brady, John
Brady, Margeret
Brady, Mary
Brady, Peter
Brandt, Elizebeth
Brandt, Rinhold
Brazer, D
Brien, Bridget
Brindly, Chs
Brindly, Chs
Brindly, Elizebeth
Brindly, Elizebeth E
Brindly, Esebel
Brindly, Franklin T
Brindly, George H
Brindly, Hiram
Brobach, Bernard
Brock, Eliza
Brock, Elizebeth
Brock, Henry
Brock, John
Brock, John
Brown, A. Q.
Brown, Baby
Brown, Caroline
Brown, D C
Brown, Douglas
Brown, G W
Brown, H N
Brown, Henry W
Brown, J. D.
Brown, John
Brown, Lillia
Brown, Mary C
Brown, Mary Jane
Brown, R C
Brown, Richard
Brown, Richard O
Brown, Thomas C
Brown, Virginia
Brunov, Annie P
Brunov, Cecelia A
Brunov, Chs
Brunov, Emilie E
Brunov, Josephine
Brunov, Mary
Bube, Abbie
Bube, Allen
Bube, L. M
Bube, Nancy
Bube, Nettie
Bucher, Marion
Buckley, Johanna
Buison, Alson
Buison, Fannie
Buison, George A
Buison, Malisa
Buison, William B
Bunning, Augusta
Bunning, Bada
Bunning, Caroline
Bunning, Evachin
Bunning, Fredrica
Bunning, Gustavus
Bunning, Lotta J
Burke, Bridget
Burke, Charle
Burke, Henry
Burke, Johanna
Burke, Johanna
Burke, John
Burke, John
Burke, Mary
Burke, Patrick
Burn, B. A.
Burns, Bridget
Burns, John
Burns, John J
Burns, Lawrence
Burns, Lawrence
Burr, Engelka
Burr, Helena
Burr, Henry
Burr, Johan
Burr, Kathrine
Burrows, Anna KM
Burrows, Charles
Burrows, James
Burrows, Joseph
Burrows, Josephine
Burrows, Maria
Burrows, Maria
Burrows, Rachel
Burrows, Sarah J
Burrows, Simon
Burrows, William
Bush, John
Bush, Kathrine S.
Bush, Magerate
Bush, Mathis
Bush, Sophia
Buss, Cristian
C*mpton, James
Callaway, Dorkis
Callaway, Ellen
Callaway, Henry
Callaway, Katherine
Callaway, Wm
Campbell, Henry
Carlon, Alfred H
Carlon, Caroline
Carlon, Harriet
Carlon, Henry
Carlon, Jane
Carlon, Margeret M
Carlon, Mark
Carlon, Mary
Carlon, Naoma
Carlon, William F
Carrig, Charle
Carrig, Charles
Carrig, David
Carrig, David
Carrig, Ellen
Carrig, Henry
Carrig, Henry
Carrig, James
Carrig, Jerry
Carrig, Katey
Carrig, Kathrine
Carrig, Kathrine
Carrig, Maggie
Carrig, Margaret
Carrig, Mary
Carrig, Mary
Carrig, Michael C
Carrig, Morris
Carruth, Charle
Carruth, Elmer
Carruth, Hannah
Carruth, Ida
Carruth, Katy
Carruth, Wm
Carson, William
Cartwright, Neal
Castor, Wm W
Cedar, Cristina
Cedar, Louis
Chace, Alferd M
Chapin, Adolphus
Chapin, Charles
Chapin, J. W.
Chapin, Laura
Chapin, Rhoda
Chapin, Sam
Chapris, Luther
Clande, Maynard
Clark, Loriuso
Clinger, Elnora
Clinger, George F
Clinger, Harriet
Clinger, Harriet
Clinger, James
Clinger, John
Clinger, Laura
Clinger, Mary J
Clinger, William C
Clothen, C. D.
Clothen, Eliza
Clothen, Geo W
Clothen, Mahlon
Coffey, Abel
Coffey, Clude
Coffey, Eva
Coffey, John
Coffey, Libbie
Coffey, Maria
Collinsworth, B F
Collinsworth, Susan
Collinsworth, William
Conner, Chs
Conroy, Francis M.
Conroy, Francis N.
Conroy, Hannah C.
Conway, James
Conway, Johanna
Conway, Kate
Cook, Charles
Cook, Ellen
Cook, Fredrick
Cook, Georgia
Cook, Kathrine
Cook, M. E.
Cook, Marcy
Cook, Perry
Cook, R. S.
Cook, S. M.
Cook, S. S.
Cook, Shirwin S
Cook, W
Coolidge, Charle B
Coolidge, H I
Coolidge, Harry P
Coolidge, Joseph W
Coolidge, Theda M
Cooncey, Clark
Cooncey, Edward
Cooncey, Kate
Cooncey, Mary A
Cooncey, Mary A
Cordin, Kathrine
Cornell, G P
Coulter, Robt.
Craig, John
Crandall, L. J.
Crenman, Harry
Crowan, Ellen
Cumpton, Charles
Cumpton, Ellen
Cumpton, Florence
Cumpton, Hugh
Cumpton, Hugh
Cumpton, John
Cumpton, Josephine
Cumpton, Robert
Curt, Mary
Curt, Willie
Cushing, Debbie N
Cushing, James
Dale, Caroline
Dale, Carrie E
Dale, W B
Dalgreen, Chs.
Davis, Abraham L
Davis, Alfred F
Davis, C. H.
Davis, Charles C
Davis, Harriet D
Davis, Helen M.
Davis, John D.
Davis, Mattie
Davis, N. D.
Davis, O H
Davis, Sarah E
Davis, Wm A
Dawson, John M
Dedrich, August
Dedrich, Carl
Dedrich, Dora
Dedrich, Dora
Dedrich, Wilhelmine
Dedrich, Wm
Defrizin, Hugo
Deneen, Ella
Deneen, Elmra
Deneen, Johanna
Deneen, Johanna
Deneen, John
Deneen, John
Deneen, John
Deneen, Kate
Deneen, Maggie
Deneen, Mary
Deneen, Mary
Deneen, Michael
Deneen, Michael
Deneen, William
Deneen, William
Deyo, Charles
Deyo, Isadore
Deyo, Jacob A
Deyo, James
Dickey, Henry
Dickey, John D
Dickey, Kathrine
Dingwall, David
Doddridge, N. B.
Doodey, Charles
Doodey, Ellen
Doodey, Kathaine
Doodey, Mary
Doodey, Mary
Doodey, Mary
Doodey, Michael
Doodey, Mike
Doodey, Patrick
Doodey, Patrick
Doodey, Wm.
Doody, William
Douglas, Ann
Douglas, Arthur
Douglas, Caroline
Douglas, Henry
Douglas, Jane
Douglas, Joseph
Douglas, Joseph
Douglas, Mary Ann
Douglas, Mat
Douglas, Susan
Douglas, Thomas
Doyle, Michael
Dress, Walter
Duffy, Peter
Duggan, Bridget
Duggan, Kathrine
Duggan, Michael
Duggis, Kathrine
Dykes, Kathrine
Dykes, Nepha
Dykes, William
Dykes, Wm
Eaisle, Eda
Eaisle, John
Eaisle, John
Eaisle, Mary
Eaisle, Otto
Earl, John
Early, Edward
Early, Emma
Early, J. N.
Early, Mary A
Eckman, Ulrich
Edward, Liddie A
Edward, S. J.
Egan, James
Eller, Frank
Eller, Gertrude
Eller, Henry
Eller, Kathrine
Eller, Louis
Eller, Louisa
Eller, Mathis
Eller, William
Engel, William
Engelbart, Anna
Engelbart, Eliza
Engelbart, Henry
Engelbart, William
Ernest, Jacob
Ernest, Jacob
Ernest, Kathrine
Ernest, William T
Ernst, Eliza
Ernst, Emma
Ernst, Hermen
Ernst, John
Ernst, Julia
Ernst, Mary W
Ernst, Minnie
Ernst, William
Estabrock, Abe
Evans, Wm. H.

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