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1870 Census of Platte County, NE
transcribed by Sue Baker

There are 51 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Saalfield, Henry
Saalfield, John
Saalfield, Mary
Sabus, Caroline
Scha*d, Adolf
Scha*d, Eda
Scha*d, Edward
Scha*d, Eliza
Scha*d, Frank
Scha*d, Fredrick
Scha*d, Fredrick
Scha*d, Hugo
Schaad, Arnold
Schaad, Eliza
Schaffrath, Eliza
Schaffrath, Elizebeth
Schaffrath, Ernest
Schaffrath, Fredrick
Schaffrath, Peter
Schlosser, Joseph
Schlosser, Michael
Schneller, Margerat
Schnider, John
Schocurk, Crist.
Schriber, Anna
Schriber, Augusta
Schriber, Crist
Schriber, Fredica
Schriber, Fritz
Schriber, Gustavus
Schriber, Louis
Schriber, William
Schroder, Charles
Schroder, Chs.
Schroder, Gustavus
Schroder, Mary
Schun, Henry
Schwidn, George
Scott, Abraham
Scott, Albert M
Scott, Frank M
Scott, Katherine
Scully, Angeline
Scully, James
Scully, Margaret
Scully, Theresa V
Sellers, M
Selswick, Hans
Sevander, Jacob
Sexer, Rudolph
Sexton, Taylor
Shady, Danial
Shady, Mary
Shady, Michael
Shady, Rody
Shady, Welford
Shafill, Calvin
Shannon, A. M.
Shannon, J. C.
Shannon, Luella
Shannon, O. C.
Shannon, Virginia
Sheahorn, Kathrine
Sheahorn, Morris
Shefford, William
Shepard, A
Shepard, B F
Shepard, Cornelia
Shepard, Maude A
Shivers, Isaac
Shuttlr, Fred
Silz, John
Simpson, John
Sloss, Irene
Smical, Celia
Smical, Domicie B
Smical, Eliza
Smical, J B
Smical, John B
Smical, Josephine
Smical, Medas
Smical, Philip
Smical, Phoebe
Smith, Albert
Smith, Clara A
Smith, Emma
Smith, Geo
Smith, George
Smith, George B
Smith, James F
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Kate
Smith, Lillie
Smith, Mary
Smith, Michael
Smith, Peter
Smith, S C
Smith, Samuel W
Smith, Sarah
Soseka, Anna M
Soseka, Gerherd
Soseka, John H
Southourd, John
Speice, Charles B
Speice, Chs A
Speice, Fredy J
Speice, Gustavus
Speice, Kathrina
Speice, Milton J
Speici, Caroline
Speici, Wm
Spencer, Elly
Spencer, Isaac
Spencer, Joseph
Spencer, Mary
Spiece, Valentine
Spuyt, Billi
Spuyt, Louis
Stapleton, Ellen
Stapleton, John
Stapleton, John
Stapleton, Rose
Stauffer, John
Steller, Phillip
Sterus, Julia
Sterus, O E
Sterus, Willard E
Stevens, A. J.
Stevens, Elize e
Stevens, Rosa H
Stevenson, Amey L
Stevenson, Geo W
Stevenson, O A
Stewart, Carrie
Stewart, Cornie
Stewart, D G
Stewart, Edith
Stewart, Edwin
Stewart, G N
Stewart, George
Stewart, Hortense
Stewart, Isadore
Stewart, Lizy
Stewart, Louis
Stewart, Minnie
Stillman, C B
Stone, Benjamin
Stone, Elias
Stowe, Anna
Stowe, James
Strack, Fridlin
Strack, Joseph
Strack, Josepine
Strack, Louisa
Strack, Maria
Strack, Mary
Strasser, John
Stratten, H. C.
Straube, Edward
Straube, Lena
Strother, Adeline
Strother, Joseph
Strother, Mary
Strother, Robert
Strother, Wm F
Sullivan, Cerey
Sullivan, Danial
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Hannah
Sullivan, Julia
Sullivan, Kathrine
Sullivan, Katy
Sullivan, Margeret
Suman, Bell
Suman, Hiram
Suman, Moris W
Suman, Willie
Suner, Fredrick
Sushi, Bertha
Sushi, George
Sushi, Henry
Sushi, Henry
Sushi, John
Sushi, Kathrine
Sushi, Minnie
Sushi, Sophia
Sushi, Willie
Swarik, Jacob
Swenk, Kathrine
Swist, Charrity
Swist, Cora
Swist, Danial
Swist, David
Swist, Electa
Swist, Nora
Swist, Roxana
Taylor, Abbie
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Charle
Taylor, Dora
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, I N
Taylor, Samy M
Taylor, Sarah E
Terry, C F
Terry, Frank
Thompsen, Annie
Thompsen, Annie
Thompsen, William
Thompsen, William E
Tiffney, Emmelin J
Tiffney, Francis E
Tiffney, Joseph C
Tiffney, Sarah L
Toncray, El Hanen
Toncray, Katherine
Tracy, John L.
Tupper, A. J.
Turner, Abner
Twiner, A C
Twiner, E J
Twiner, J A
Twiner, M K
Twiner, M M
Upkin, John
Upkin, Mary
Upkin, Michael
Vandervest, William
Vipart, Agustus
Wake, Charles
Wake, Charles
Wake, Emma
Wake, Frank
Wake, Jane
Wake, Susan
Wake, Thomas
Walker, Andrew
Walker, Ann
Walker, Ellen
Walker, Francis
Walker, J. B.
Walker, James
Walker, James
Walker, James
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, John M
Walker, Joseph
Walker, Katharine
Walker, Margrate
Walker, Mary
Walker, Mary
Walker, Patrick
Walker, Rosella
Walker, William
Walsh, Thomas
Warner, Annie M
Warner, Elizabeth
Warner, Hero
Warner, James
Warner, Marian
Warren, Austana
Warren, Benajah
Warren, Ellen A
Warren, Emma E
Warren, Frank A
Warren, Louis
Warren, Willie
Warretcha, Crist
Watkins, Allice
Watkins, Mary A
Watkins, Morgan
Watkins, Susan
Wauless, John A
Weaver, Dorthea
Weaver, Jennie
Weaver, Louis
Weaver, Louisa
Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Michael
Weaver, Valentine
Weis, Fred
Welch, P H
Wellman, Henry
Wells, J. B.
Wells, Joseph S
Wells, Oscar
Wells, R. C.
Wentworth, Alice
Wentworth, Charle
Wentworth, Conrad
Wentworth, Kate
Whaley, Celia A
Whaley, Charles A
Whaley, Com*tie
Whaley, Cristopher
Whaley, Frank W
Whaley, Henry
Whaley, Mrs. Charles
Wheeler, Allen
Wheeler, Clara
Wheeler, Clarence
Wheeler, Della May
Wheeler, Dora
Wheeler, Medora
Wheeler, Peter
Whicher, George
Whig, Robert
White, Eliza
White, Jay E
Wilch, Michael
Wilkin, Kathrine
Wilkins, Anna
Wilkins, Eliza
Wilkins, Herman
Wilkins, Kathrine M
Wilkins, Louis
Willard, D. A.
Willard, Geo. E
Williams, Ann
Williams, Anna
Williams, D S
Williams, Hugh
Williams, James
Williams, Jane S
Williams, John
Williams, Martha P
Williams, Mary J
Williams, William L
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, John A
Wilson, Joseph M
Wilson, Josephine
Witsh, Martha
Witsh, William D
Wolfal, Aurthur
Wolfal, Dorotha
Wolfal, Frank
Wolfal, John
Wolfal, Mary
Wolfal, William
Wright, Emma J
Wurdermun, Anna K
Wurdermun, August
Wurdermun, John
Wurdermun, John
Wurdermun, Kathrine
Wurteman, John
Wurteman, Kathrine
Wurteman, Louisa
Wurteman, Rudolph
Yehn, Anna
Yehn, Charles
Yehn, Kathrine
Yehn, Lester
Yehn, Peter
Yehn, Peter
Yeretzka, Franssica
Yeretzka, Franz
Yeretzka, Valentin
Yeretzka, Veronica
Yeretzka Valentin, Eva
Yeretzka Valentin, Yowcka
Yunberg, Jacob
Yunberg, Joanna
Yunberg, John Jacob
Zeagler, Mortis
Zegat, Elizabeth

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