Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America

Included is the person's name, [sex], (Soundex code), and key event facts.

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Peter HULL [M] (H400)

Peter HULL [M] (H400)

Rebecca HULL [F] (H400)

Sarah HULL [F] (H400)

Theodosia HULL [F] (H400)

Thomas HULL [M] (H400)

Warren HULL [M] (H400)

Herman HUMPHREY [M] (H516)

Eldad HUNT [M] (H530)

Gad HUNT [M] (H530)

Sanford HUNT [M] (H530)

Simon HUNT [M] (H530)

Timothy D HUNT [M] (H530)

Washington HUNT [M] (H530)

Charles L. IVES [M] (I120)

Benjamin JUDD [M] (J300)

Elizabeth JUDD [F] (J300)

Hannah JUDD [F] (J300)

Mary JUDD [F] (J300)

Norman JUDD [M] (J300)

Norman B JUDD [M] (J300)

Philip JUDD [M] (J300)

Phillip JUDD [M] (J300)

Thomas JUDD [M] (J300)

Thomas JUDD [M] (J300)

William JUDD [M] (J300)

Alfred KELLEY [M] (K400)

Priscilla KELSEY [F] (K420)

Lucy KILBOURN [F] (K416)

Deliverance LANGTON [F] (L523)

Charles LEE [M] (L000)

Elizabeth LEE [F] (L000)

Elizabeth LEE [F] (L000)

Hezekiah LEE [M] (L000)

John LEE [M] (L000)

John LEE [M] (L000)

John LEE [M] (L000)

Jonathan LEE [M] (L000)

Mary LEE [F] (L000)

Ruth LEE [F] (L000)

Samuel LEE [M] (L000)

Samuel LEE [M] (L000)

Sarah M. LEE [F] (L000)

LOMAS [F] (L520)

Edward LOMAS [M] (L520)

Edward LOMAS [M] (L520)

John LOMAS [M] (L520)

John LOMAS [M] (L520)

John LOMAS [M] (L520)

Jonathan LOMAS [M] (L520)

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