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We administer a GOSE Genealogy Mailing List for those persons who are interested in staying up to date on any new information regarding GOSE Family Genealogy.  Details on How To Subscribe and other information concerning this mailing list are posted below.

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FIND UNTOLD RICHES IN THE MAILING LIST ARCHIVES  Currently, there exist messages in the Mailing List Archives 7.7 million e-mails from RootsWeb's 15,000+ archived mailing lists. Some of these messages date back to 1987. Many messages, even those a decade old, contain vital genealogical information. There are currently two ways to search these messages:

  1. The Mailing List Threaded Archives contains 2.2 million of the most recent e-mail messages from all of RootsWeb's archived mailing lists. One can search all of these messages with a single search at  The Interactive Search of Mailing Lists provides access to all 7.7 million e-mail messages in the Mailing List Archives; however, the search process is more labor intensive. One must perform a separate search for each mailing list and for each year that such mailing list is archived. In addition, one must first know the name of the mailing list that one wishes to search. All genealogy-related mailing lists on RootsWeb are located at
  2. In addition to surname related lists there are regional, country, state, county, ethnic group, and topic-related lists. Once a list is located, the user can search it one year at a time at Do not forget to search all the years for which the list has been archived.

When choosing a promising list to search, it pays to be creative and thorough. When looking for a particular ancestor, check out not only surname-related lists but also lists that relate to country of origin, places of habitation, migration routes, ethnic group, UseNet NewsGroup topics, and general interest topics (such as the Roots-L list at Wonderful gems turn up in the most unlikely places. Nevertheless, please remember that one must often mine a great deal of ore in order to find a diamond.



This is a genealogy tool and/or resource that is associated with this GOSE Website and GOSE Query Board.

RootsWeb Button is the host for the mailing list and we serve as the administrator for the GOSE Mailing List.

(You do not necessarily need to print this page as you will also receive a copy of instructions for the mailing list in an email message when you subscribe.  However, additional options and more detailed information are presented here.)

  2. QUICK INSTRUCTIONS (How To Subscribe)
  5. SENDING COMMANDS TO SMARTLIST & ROOTSWEB (i.e.) subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.



We also administer a GOSE Genealogical Query Board for the purpose of helping to gather new information on Gose family genealogy and to help clear up any discrepancies or confusion on Gose or related genealogy.

The difference between the mailing list and the query board lies mainly in the scope of information communicated. While you may select to have automatic notification by email, of any postings to the GOSE Query Board, the GOSE Mailing List is used to communicate a broader range of information including anything of more general interest that may be posted to the query boards, etc.

The mailing list thus serves as the main communication voice of the GOSE Family Website (GOSE Surname Resource Center).

Copies of all postings to the GOSE Query Board will automatically be sent to GOSE Mailing List subscribers as well as a weekly summary of new items added to the GOSE Website.



  1. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to: (for individual messages) (for a digest of multiple messages)
  2. In the body include only one word: subscribe
  3. IMPORTANT: Turn OFF your signature file (if you are using one) when sending this command.

  4. To unsubscribe, send an e-mail message to: (for individual messages) (for a digest of multiple messages)
  5. In the body include only one word: unsubscribe

    IMPORTANT: Turn OFF your signature file when sending this command.

  6. To post messages to everyone on the list, send your message to:



  1. GOSE-L is for individual messages to be delivered to your e-mail address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, you will receive a copy of the message. (As stated above, to subscribe send an e-mail message to: with one word in the body of the message: subscribe)
  2. GOSE-D is for a digest of several accumulated messages to be delivered to your email address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, they are put into a digest to be delivered later. The digest is generated approximately once a day and delivered to digest subscribers.

This option is handy for people who don't want multiple messages to accumulate in their mail box. (To subscribe send an email message to: with one word in the body of the message: subscribe.)



As noted above, there are two separate e-mail addresses to use in order to participate in this list:

  1. To send MESSAGES to ALL subscribers on either version of the list use:

  3. To send COMMANDS to the computer & SmartList software that runs this list use: (for individual messages) (for a digest of multiple messages)



To subscribe, unsubscribe or make other changes to your mailing list subscription, you must send "commands" to the computer & the SmartList software on RootsWeb.

When sending "commands" you must address your message to the appropriate list to which you are currently subscribed and for which you wish to make any changes or requests: (for individual messages) (for a digest of multiple messages)

To manage your subscription, send an e-mail message to the address above and use any of the following commands, typed within the body of your e-mail message. Type ONLY one of the commands on each message sent, as it is shown below. Do not add any extra words or lines of text:

Do NOT use a signature file attached to the e-mail message. The software reads your message and tries to answer each command it finds. When it runs across your signature file it gets a bit confused and will send you a message stating something like "Do not recognize command 'Jones'. Do not recognize command 'Smith' ", etc.


If you have any problems or questions, contact us for help. Email Us

Good Luck & Have Fun!


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