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One of the best ways to obtain more information about your own family lineage is to help others discover theirs!

More and more 'cousins' are discovering this website. The numbers of queries, amounts of family information being presented, and the resulting breakthroughs in discovering "missing links" are growing exponentially.

This is great news for all of you who are trying to discover your Gose Family Roots, but it doesn't happen by itself!

As the site activity grows, much more help is needed to keep up with the information coming in so that we can make it available to everyone else. If everyone does at least some small part, the burden is light and the enjoyment is great.

"Many hands make light work" - Confucius

Even if you feel the assistance you could provide would be limited or sporadic, PLEASE CONSIDER DOING SOMETHING TO HELP, such as:

1) Contributing your information to this site.

2) Helping type/copy records for the archives section.

3) Helping coordinate research/data for one of the family branches.

4) Assisting with maintenance of the genealogical database.

5) Doing lookups for other Gose researchers.

6) Assisting with website maintenance.

7)Assisting with a query board.

8) Your ideas or input.

At this time we are particularly interested in adding names to the list of Gose family "researchers".   If you are trying to put together your Gose family line, then you are a Gose "researcher".   We need as many of you as possible to provide your name and contact information related to the particular Gose line that you are searching so that you and others like you may contact each other and share your information.   This is of great benefit to us all!

Please contact the site coordinator and let us know how you would like to help.

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