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We host the GOSE Query Board located on the RootsWeb Server and

This is the place for you to post your questions and ask for help that you may need with your Gose family Genealogy  -  A place to help clear up discrepancies and confusion associated with any existing or old data and to "air things out" when questions about data arise.  The query board is the best thing to use for your questions because it provides organizational continuity in a line of questioning so that a train of related questions and associated responses may be viewed and archived for future reference as a group.  Anyone who is a member of the Gose Mailing List is notified any time that there is a post to the Gose Query Board which makes it convenient to view and follow-up on any postings.

Michael Jones assists with the administration of the Query BoardHe monitors the postings and attempts to answer as many of your inquiries as possible.  But for this to be the most effective, we need the open and regular participation of as many people as possible - INCLUDING YOU!

If many of you take the time to respond to someone else's inquiry, you will dramatically increase the chances of receiving an answer on your own inquiry.

We welcome any and all questions and/or comments concerning anything associated in any way with Gose family genealogy.  Please share your research with others!  As more of you post messages here, others will follow your lead, building a better resource for us all!

Before posting your query, we suggest you go to the GenConnect at RootsWeb, Visitor Center Page and check out the Posting Hints and Tips.

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Posting Hints

We also suggest that you first do a search of the GOSE Genealogy File to find any existing information that might facilitate your research. And don't forget to check the Archives and Family History sections of this website as well!

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You also may wish to check out at least one other GOSE Query Board on The Web:

If anyone knows of any other GOSE Query Boards that should be referenced here, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

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