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You may search the name database of the descendants of the 1752 immigrant, Stephan Gose, by clicking inside the WorldConnect graphic near the bottom of this page.


The Stephan Gose immigrant line is the one from which the majority of the GOSEs in the U.S. are descended.


We will post a database for other Gose immigrants as soon as we receive and review any such information as may be contributed by any of you.

The Stephan Goß (aka Stephen Gose, Sr.) genealogy file and name database associated with this website presents the most up to date, complete, and accurate information on the first five generations of the descendants of the 1752 immigrant that we have been able to find.

We have attempted to eliminate any information that is incorrect by reviewing documentation sources.  However, in some cases, we have left information in that could not be absolutely verified.  This was done because we did not wish to eliminate information that might provide helpful clues.  Please be aware of this, take note of the source or lack thereof, and advise us of any contrary or new information that you may discover. . .  Those subscribed to the Gose Mailing List will be notified whenever the GEDCOM file is updated.

After clicking in the WorldConnect graphic below, you will be taken to a SEARCH  page for names contained in the GOSE database. You may enter any Surname you are seeking or a combination of the Surname and the Given Name.

(Example:  either  Spangler  or  Spangler, Anna)

Then click on the "List" button to perform the search.

If you submit a search using only the Surname, you will see a list of all of those persons in the database with that Surname.

When your search results return a name in which you are interested, click on that name to view the family lineage for that person.

You will note that you may download a copy of the GOSE Genealogy File in GEDCOM format directly from the WorldConnect search site.  However, you may wish to download a ZIPPED copy of the GEDCOM or a FamilyTreeMaker version by going to our Genealogy File Download Page on this website.  (Note:  We use the latest version of McAffee virus-protection software to help ensure that our system and files remain virus-free.)

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Descendants of the 1752 immigrant Stephan Gose

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