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The Top Ten List of Messge Board Secrets

 10. You can use an alias and/or a secondary e-mail address to post messages if you log-in and set up a profile. 
 9. When you post, the default category is "Query." You can change the default by using the drop down menu.
8. Yes, you really can upload a GEDCOM file, a JPG photo or scanned document, GIF map, sketch or drawing (but you have to register and log-in first).
7. If you register, you can also change your address on all your posts on every board by simply changing the address in your "Profile."
 6. The default search is "ALL BOARDS" not just the one you are viewing. You have the option to change it to "THIS BOARD."
5. Searches are cAsE sensitive.
4. The maximum number of hits returned will be 2,000, but you can edit your search by using plus (+) and minus ( - ) to include or exclude words.
3. You can search within broader areas. For example, one search can be done for the entire state of Kentucky. You don't have to check each individual county if you don't know the location. Or, for example, in Topics, you can search all of the adoption boards at the same time.
2. Submitters names are included in the search results. (You can search for your cousin's posts or even for your own!)
 1. And best of all -- it's still FREE!


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The categories are self explanatory, with the exception of Look Up.  

If you have access to books or records, the Look Up Board is where you can volunteer to do "Look Ups." Be specific about what you have and what you will do. This can run the gamut from checking an index for a name, to getting more detailed information from the library, or even to going to the Courthouse to look up records there. If you decide to VOLUNTEER, be sure to check the box to be notified of any response to your message.

If you want to request a LOOK UP, reply to the ORIGINAL message, not a thread. Should you need very specific information as opposed to a more generalized QUERY you can also use the LOOK UP category, but if there is no volunteer... well, you know.


You can upload JPG photos, GIFs and GEDCOMs to either the public Message Boards or to the private family sites.

If you'd like to upload them to the message board, it's pretty easy (assuming you have copies scanned into your computer). Simply click on Post New Message or Post Reply. Then just above the "Post Message" button you will find "Attachments [Add]" Click on Add. After Log-In you will be able to Browse your own computer to add any photo (or document) you wish to upload. Then click "Submit."


Would you prefer to Research & Share in a password protected environment? You can join the Hamptoneers Google Group.

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There are also at least two HAMPTON sites (and probably more) at Contributors should click below to request an invitation.

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