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A precious gift
Angel in the Wind
Patricia Jane Curtis (1972-1998)
Willow Joseph Meadows Jr. (1979-1985)

This page will be dedicated to those we have lost and whose memories we want to keep in our hearts forever.   We must keep their memories alive so that others will know who they were and what they were like and why they were loved so dearly.  I am sure everyone has one or several special people in their heart that they would like to introduce to others.  I will be begin by adding my letter to my daughter Tricia, a letter that I never got to send,  words that I never got to say.  I hope that somehow God will let her see this.

If you would like to include a memorial or favorite memory please email your story (with or without pictures) to Donna Guiffre and I will include them as soon as I can.

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