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To view the awards available at this time scroll to the bottom of this page. You can e-mail me with "AWARD APPLICATION" in the Subject area. To e-mail me, scroll to the top of the page and click on the "Award Scroll".  Good Luck!  

Please read the rules before you apply

I want to explain here what each award means to me.  The BRONZE award is for personal genealogy pages that, in my opinion are above average in content and layout.  They contain their personal genealogy and some other areas of interest to other researchers.  If I had to judge my own page I would give it a BRONZE award.  The SILVER award offers the same information as the Bronze only with more to offer (not only links) to genealogy researchers in general.  The GOLD award is for sites that have content that would be of interest to ALL or a Large majority of researchers.  To receive any of the three awards I have to think your site is worthy and that others would benefit from visiting your site (and I have to have really enjoyed my visit).

So what I'm saying is that a GOLD award isn't better than a BRONZE award, it is just in a different category.  I think that the GRAPHIC category speaks for itself.

I offer these awards because I love to visit new sites and read the stories, see the photos, read the documents and search, search, search, while enjoying my experience along the way.

I am offering four different awards at this time. Examples are shown below.

Genealogy Awards


Genealogy Graphic Award

Good Luck!  I look forward to visiting your site.

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Genealogy Awards Ring
site owned by Chris Hartie
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