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As told by: R. W. Jones, age 93

Transcribed by Jane (Cherry) Jones

My paternal grandfather William Jones was born in Wales, England. My grandmother Caroline Jones was born in Norway. Her parents moved to England and she met William Jones. They were married at Glasglow which then was a village but now is a large city.

My maternal grandfather was Joseph Richardson and his wife was Polly. They were married in Norway and later moved to England.

At that time King George wanted to populate the new world America with English people. He offered grants of land free to Englishmen who would settle in the new land. The William Jones' and the Joseph Richardsons' came to America.

The Richardson's moved to a place on Georgia Road. The house was in the corner where Georgia Road joins the highway that passes the Meekins Farm.

The Jones' moved to a place about one and a quarter miles on up the highway from the Richardsons to a place called Big Island.

The Richardsons had two girls named Ollie and Caroline and three boys named John, Bill and Joseph.

Grandfather Joseph Richardson died and was buried in the yard at Bill Cooper's farm.

Grandmother Polly Richardson asked to be ceded the land called Grapvine located near Sam Breckhouse's home, where you pass through a deep swamp and come to a ridge of land reaching to Grapevine Landing.

The first house, a log and adobe house, was built on what we call the Upper Field. The land was one half miles wide north and south and about ten miles east and west extending from Frying Pan to Joerite Town. The land was given to Ollie Richardson Jones, my mother.

The next land settlement was called Middle Field. It had the same measurements as Upper Field. The land was given to Caroline Richardson, my mother's sister. Caroline married Sam Brickhouse. The family cemetery was on this land. Buried there are Polly Richardson, my maternal grandmother; my father Robert William Jones; my mother Ollie Richardson Jones, two brothers Walter and Tommy Jones and an infant sister Melissa Dee.

The next land settlement, having roughly the same measurements as the others was on the Grapevine Landing Road. The land was given to John Richardson, my mother's brother. John first married Nancy Jane Simmons and they had three children - Mary, Martha and Charlie. After Nancy Jane died John married Betsy Ann McGowan and they had one son named Willie.

The next parcel of land was given to Joseph Richarson also my mother's brother. His land took in Grapevine Landing. It was from the mouth of the Frying Pan and included Newport News Point on the Alligator River. Joseph Richardson never married.

Bill Richardson, my mother's other brother, settled in Pamlico County at a place called Aliance mot far from Oriental, North Carolina. He and his wife raised two boys John and Jessie and two girls Martha and Mary.

We get back to the Jones' now. William Jones and his wife Caroline Jones had two boys named Robert William Jones and Timothy Jones and one girl named Ollie.

Timothy Jones, my father's brother settled at what we call Over the Swamp, the last house up the road. Timothy married Amanda Spencer from Fare Creek, which today is called Englehard. They had three boys--Leonard, Hohn and Lloyd and two girls Elether and Victory.

Ollie Jones, my father's sister, married a Timothy Jones. This Timothy Jones lived only about a year after marriage. Ollie and Timothy had one son, Tom Jones. Tom married Affie Cahoon and they now live in Morehead City.

Robert William Jones married Ollie Richardson and they had six sons - Alonzo Edgar, Paul, Jordan, and Robert William who lived to adulthood and Walter and Tommy who died in childhood. They had one daughter Melissa Dee who died less than six weeks after birth. Ollie Richardson died giving brith to Melissa Dee. I was two and a half years old when mother died.

Alonzo Jones married Ella D. Meekins and they raised a family in Gum Neck, NC. They had four girls who lived to adulthood - May, Minnie, Mertie and Lee and one girl Bertie who died as an infant and another girl who lived to be about eleven years old. They had one son Walter Jones. Alonzo was 74 years old when he died.

May Jones married Charlie Sawyer and they raised a family of two sons Carroll and Sherrell and four girls Lillian, Violet, Irma and Hazel.

Carroll married Doris Farrar and they live in Chapel Hill.

Sherrell married Katherine Holland and they had four children Melissa, Joyce, Dickie and David. Sherrell was living in New Orleans, Louisiana when he died.

Lillian married Willie Parisher and they had two children Zelda Mae and William Lawrence. After Willie's death Lillian married Elbridge Keith Mann.

Zelda Mae married Llyod Pledger and they had two sons Lloyd Jr. and Ronnie. They live in Columbia, N.C.

William Lawrence married Anette Brickhouse and they have three sons William Lawrence, Jr., Kenneth and Keith. William died at thirty-three years of age. His family lives in Columbia, N.C.

Violet married Joseph Liverman and they live in Gum Neck, N.C. They had three daughters Phyllis, Dana, Lynanne and two sons Jimmy and Dudley.


Minnie Jones married Frank White and they had four girls Dorothy, Doris, Idale, Sybil and one boy.

Merta Jones married Otis Forbes of Camden County and had two children.

Walter Jones married Thelma Daniels of Wanchese. They had one son Carlton and one daughter Eloise.

Eloise married Mickey Bridges.

Lee Jones married West Weatherly. They had two sons Royce and Herman and two daughters Louise and Vivian. West died and Lee married Henry Cahoon. They had one daughter, Lucile.

Royce married Opal Cahoon.





Paul Jones married Mary Kemp called Mate, and raised three boys Arthur, Dewey, lawson and two girls Hettie and Margaret. Paul and Mate lived in Gum Neck, N.C. most of their married life. About three years before Paul died they bought a house and moved into Columbia, N.C. Paul was eighty one years old when he died.

Arthur married Abbie Hussey.

Dewey married Blanche Jefferson and they had two girls Merle Jean and Francis and one son Bobby. Dewey and Blanche live in Chesepeake, Virginia.

Merle Jean married



Lawson married Bertha Pate and they had one daughter Sandra. Lawson is dead. Bertha lives with Sandra. Sandra is married to _______ Livesay of Tarboro, N.C. They have two sons and live in Tarboro.

Hettie never married. She taught school for many years and then took care of her parents until their death. She too is dead.

Margaret married Jim Steele and they had two sons ______ and ____. They live in North Wilksboro, N.C.

Jordan Jones never married. He was working on Roanoke Island when he died at 22 years of age. He is buried at Wanchese.

Robert William Jones married Winnie Mae Kemp. Robert and Paul, brothers, married Winnie and Mary (Mate) Kemp who were sisters. Robert and Winnie raised one son, Robert William Jones, Jr. Robert and Winnie lived forty two years in Fairfield, N.C. where they raised their family. Seven years ago they moved to Washington, N.C. to be closer to their children. On February 4, 1975 they celecbrated their sixty-eighth wedding anniversary.

Irene married Bob Field and they live in Salisbury, N.C.

Edith married Malcolm Carawan and they live in Washington, N.C. They had one daughter Ann.

Ann married Leo Bishop and they have one daughter, Leannette and two sons, Garrett and Kurt. They live in Rocky Mount, N.C.

Ruby married Leonard Larson and they live in Westfield, N.J. They had one son William (Bill) Kemp Larson who lives and teaches in Ohio.

Marjorie married Richard Pinner and they had one son Richard (Joey) S. Pinner, III. Joey is married to Judy Ann Shaw and they live in Lander, Wyoming. Marjorie lives in Washington, N.C.

Robert William "Bud" married Jean Cuthrell and they live in Washington, N.C. They had one son Paul Kemp Jones. Paul married Jane Cherry and they also live in Washington.

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