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Remembrances of Capt. Bob Jones from R. S. "Joe" Pinner written 1990

My first memories of my Granddad Jones were from when I lived with him and my Grandmother Winnie Mae Kemp Jones in Fairfield, NC. Their house was near the Fairfield Movie Theater which was at the junction of county highway 1305 and state highway 94. My Dad had gone overseas with the U. S. Navy and my Mom was working in Norfolk, VA.

I remember Granddad was always busy doing something. He had chickens and may have had a cow, I know he did later. He was always building things or repairing things. It seemed he was always working with wood. He asked me to help hold lumber he was cutting or draw a line with a straight edge but I was too little and never could get it just right. But, I remember being fascinated with all the special tools. He taught me that you should try to get the best tools you can afford because they would last you all your life.

One day I got bit by a yellow-jacket and Granddad used a wad of freshly softened chewing tobacco to help "draw out the sting." If I remember correctly, Grandmother had him remove it when she came out to see what all the commotion was. But, in any case, I was thoroughly disgusted by having it stuck to the side of my face.

Later my Grandparents moved into the parsonage of the Fairfield Baptist Church. I don't remember too much about them in that house. I didn't live with them any longer. I do remember learning to ride a bicycle there and the smell of the large orchard that was behind the parsonage. Granddad was a deacon of the Baptist Church and there was no regular minister at this time. Only a circuit preacher that came every other Sunday.

My family spent a Christmas with my Grandparents when they lived near the Fairfield Methodist Church. This Christmas I got a B-B gun. One day my Granddad said, "Bet you can't hit that bird over there!" Well, I did hit the bird. I was kneeling over the bird, admiring my kill, when I looked up to discover tears in my Granddad's eyes. No words were spoken, there was no need. I never have been much of a hunter.

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