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Current Projects

These are some of the items we are working on. They appear here because they are not complete or fully tested. They eventually will be integrated into the site and in some cases replace items that currently exist. "Loading performance" is one of the characteristics that we are testing here. Large tables and detailed pictures have been divided and rescanned at lower resolution. We need operational experience to validate our judgement. But, feel free to use them. We encourage that as long as you remember they might change slightly. The pages of the church history book we are working on came from the library of Waldo and Velma Winquist. Permission to make it available on-line was obtained a number of years ago but a task of this size takes a lot of time. We only have a start on the first few chapters and some of the links remain unresolved at this time. The Kiron school pictures were supplied by Gordon Clauson. Many pictures of the Centennial are up -- do you have more -- especially the pageant. Other pictures of current Kiron are up. Initial Famiy Farms section is up. A Guest Book that takes extended length notes has also been added to the front page. Its your chance of letting your old friends and acquaintances know a little about 'what happened to you'.