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Kiron Kountry's Family Farms

Julius Johnson Family Farm -- Stockholm Township section 20
Ernest and Mabel Gustafson - owners

The farm during the 1940's

This picture was taken a couple of years after the tornado of 18 May 1944 swept through and demolished all buildings on the farm place except the house. The original layout of farm buildings that Julius had laid out had the corn crib located next to the road but further away from the house. The tornado destroyed the roof of the building and rolled the corn crib half over on to the family car. The grain bin half was left intact but rolled on its side. Julius had located the animal barn directly east of the old site of the corn crib. The old barn was completely flattened in the storm and was salvaged for timbers. Directly east of the old barn was the chicken barn. Half of it was shattered. The other half had been airborne and deposited at an odd angle some distance east. The three farm buildings most visible in the above photo are the moved and reconstructed corn crib. Directly above it is the dairy barn and to the right of the photo is the hog barn. In the background is the old chicken barn moved and reconstructed as a shelter for the stock cows. Back in the trees barely visible above the house are the relocated and rebuilt buildings to house the chickens. The Gustafson philosophy of farming was the concept of being self-sustaining. Consequently, they produced much of their own food -- eggs; milk; pork, beef, and chicken meat; apples; cherries; plums; grapes; mulberries; gooseberries; walnuts; rubarb; strawberries; potatos; sweet corn; and other garden vegetables. They sold the excess of what they produced - mainly cream and eggs - along with corn, oats, and hay crops; beef livestock from the summer pastures; chickens raised for meat; and fattened hogs to supplement their income. Producing high quality pork was a talent shared with pride among the various Gustafson relatives in the community. (Yes, it was a smelly job.)