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Kiron Kountry's Family Farms

Julius Johnson Family Farm -- Stockholm Township section 20
Ernest and Mabel Gustafson - owners

The Farm about 1950

This picture was taken in the fall during the start of the cornpicking season - probably late September of 1950. The "Fern Gronau" house has been moved from beyond those trees in the upper right and now sits to the north of the "Julius Johnson" house. All the outbuildings were painted "Swedish red" every third fall. My father painted all the doors black - a custom he apparently inherited from his Swedish ancestors. All buildings had white trim which made for a very distinctive look. Behind the open south doors in the corncrib sits the John Deere Model D tractor which was used for plowing, disking, belt work, and other heavy duty tasks. Also visible in the yard is the John Deere Model B tractor which was used for lighter duty work and all the cultivating of the corn. The family pony is tethered next to the drive and the 1938 Buick Special sits in the shade under the tree by the house. The majority of the trees in the animal yards are black walnut and were planted by Julius many, many years ago. Box elder trees (with their millions of box elder bugs), maples, and elms were some of the trees that survived the tornado. In the foreground are apple, crab apple, and cherry trees planted by my father to get an orchard started. It is estimated that in the 20 years that my father lived here, he planted over 1000 trees of various sorts from low growing snowblockers to willows to maples to locusts to russian olives to lindens to pin oaks to sugar maples to red buds to evergreens of various types. It was a typical sight in March to see the mail-man coming down the road with nursery tree packages sticking out of the windows and out of his trunk of his car.