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Kiron Kountry's Family Farms

Julius Johnson Family Farm -- Stockholm Township section 20
Mabel Gustafson and family - owners

The farm about 1970

The farm place as it looked in the early 1970's. Ernest had died in 1963. Many of the trees that he planted are visible as windbreak trees. Providing shade in the livestock pens were large black walnut trees planted by Julius many years previous. The north/south road had been regraded in 1963 and all the roadside trees and brush trees had been removed which greatly improved winter snow removal. The old rather small livestock buildings still existed but usage was ebbing. Crawford county was starting to lose its claim as "the heart of the beef empire" as the cattle fattning business moved to the west. Pastures were being plowed and converted to grain acreage. The great movement towards labor saving mechanization was starting to be felt. Corn combines were starting to replace corn pickers. That meant more grain storage was needed. Several drying and storage round metal bins were added to the farmplace.

In the lower view, groves of trees along the road mark the site of the David Johnson farmplace at the Johnsonville corner. Olof Lindberg's blacksmith shop of 1870 was on the left side of the road and on the near side of the tree row crossing the picture. Further down the road is the site of the Peter Star farm on the left and the Johnson brothers farm on the right. Walter Schurke was the present owner.

Note the conservation practices being practiced on the Roy Anderson farm across the road. Roy had decided that terraces were a good soil erosion preventative back in the 1930's. Although rather small in height, they conformed well to the contour of the land. A bad tractor accident in 1959 marked the end of Roy's farming career.