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Ingatorp, Sweden's  

Collection of Pictures from Kiron

The immigrant families of Kiron Kountry kept in touch with the family they left behind in Sweden.  We know they sent letters, photos, and money.  Sometimes we are fortunate to locate some of these items saved in the collections in Sweden.  Much of what is on this page comes from Wåge Johansson who is living with his family in the parish of Ingatorp. Sisters and brothers of Wåge's grandmother emigrated to Kiron in the late 1800's. They married and raised their families on the farms around Kiron.

In a hundred years of time, contacts with relatives across the ocean become increasing distant and identifications of past generations recorded in picture images become lost.  So, thanks to Wåge, we are putting these pictures up for your inspection.  Do you recognize any of them?  Please tell us if you do.  We have made excellent progress working with the Russell Paulsons of Kiron. We would like to make sure all of the people on these photos have their rightful name.

(If you have pictures of any of the above family members, we would also appreciate having access to them for the purpose of adding them to the repository of digitized images of Kiron.  Please let us know and we will make arrangements for the scanning procedure.)