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Charles A. Dolk and Matilda Lovisa Johnson

Although a little scratched with age, this is a photo of Charley and Matilda taken in 1941 on the lawn of the old Axel Lundberg place. The Dolks had come to Kiron from Omaha for a family 'get-together' with the Clausons and the Gustafsons.

Charles Dolk was born on the old Frodig place in Stockholm section 19 in 1873. He worked as a farmhand and later as a general handy man around Kiron. He packed a gun and worked as a law enforcer when needed. He also dabbled in real estate and worked in the plumbing business. But what I remember most was his ability to be a fabulous story-teller. 'Ghost stories' told at night with only a faint candle light to break the darkness was the perfect atmosphere for Charley to weave a tale guaranteed to run shivers up and down your spine and raise the hair on the nape of your neck.

Matilda Lovisa was born on the old Fanberg place in Stockholm section 18 in 1877. Her father had emigrated from Nora in the Närke province of Sweden and had married a Småland girl named Anna Palm. (Matilda's three brothers appear on the group picture of Kiron men in front of the new city hall.) Matilda and Charley were married in 1896 and moved to Kiron shortly after it was established.

They had two sons but one died as a boy. Son Sidney was in the first class of two students to graduate from Kiron High School.

Both Charley and Matilda died in Omaha and are buried there.

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