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Charley, Matilda at Omaha House

Every summer, the Clausons and the Gustafsons looked forward to a Sunday trip to Omaha to visit Charley and Matilda Dolk. In 1953 we snapped this photo on the front porch of the Dolk home at 4328 Grant Street. Matilda and Charley are standing in the back.

The favorite time of day, after eating the noon meal of course, was when Charley agreed to favor us with some songs he played on their living room organ. Always the entertainer, Charley would 'complain' that he didn't have any music to play. So he would look through the Sunday newspaper and pick out one of the pages. He would carefully fold it so it would stay in place on the organ's music holder. Then, to the amazement of us kids and the amusement of the adults, Charley would proceed to pump that old organ and those big old hands would glide over the keys and oh, what beautiful sounds and music he made! You know, I still believe he could make music out of just about anything. He was some guy!

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