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Carl Peter Frodig

Carl Peter Andersson Frodig was born in Misterhult parish in Kalmar län Sweden. As a youth, he served as a båtsman in the Swedish Navy. In 1865 he left his home in Figeholm with his wife and dotter for America. In this emigrant party were the two oldest sons of Peter Nilsson and the Nils Rodin family. All were born in Misterhult parish. The Swedes traveled into the heartland of America and found work with the Swedes who had settled into the Swedebend community on the banks of the Des Moines River north of Boone. While here, Carl Frodig also took on the duties of pastor of the small Baptist church that Andrew Norelius had helped get established about 10 years previous.

In 1866 and 1867 more Swedish emigrants and friends were coming into the Swedebend community so more farm land was needed. Carl along with Nils Rodin and another Swedebend farmer by the name of Charley Star formed the land scouting party in May of 1867, the result of which became the start of the Kiron community. Carl farmed his 80 acre farm in Stockholm township all his life. It was in his 'dugout' home that a local Swedish Baptist church was formed. For the rest of his life, he dedicated his time, talents, and energy to his church filling in as pastor when times got rough.

The date of his death is very confusing. When looking at the tombstone above, the date appears to be April 21, 1893. The records in the Crawford county courthouse showing the probate of his estate, #661 on page 123, gives a death date of 21 April 1894. The state of Iowa census taken in April of 1895 shows him to be very much "alive". The federal Iowa census of 1900 does not record him and records his wife living with their dotter and has been 'widowed for 8 years'! . And the burial register for the Kiron cemetery did not record his burial until 22 April 1904! (If anyone has an obituary, please make it available so this death date question can be cleared up.)

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