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The Axel Lundberg Collection

 Many families in the greater Kiron community have old family albums. The Axel Lundberg family was one of the earliest Kiron families who settled in Sac county. In this collection are some of the documents and pictures that we have found regarding their life in the Kiron community.

Axel Lundberg married Mathilda, the third dotter of Nikolas and Elisabeth Lindblad, in Ingatorp Sweden in 1864. They had two children born in Sweden, the oldest, Fredrik Fabian, dying as a baby. In 1868, the couple and dotter Hilda, took passage for America. The Lundbergs were one of the families who first took up residency on the island of North Manitou off the northwest coast of Michigan. Here they lived in the forest and Axel chopped wood for a living. In those days, travel on Lake Michigan used wood burning steamships which needed refueling stops to load in more wood. North Manitou was one of those stops. By the year 1872, Axel had earned enough money to move the family westward in search of a farm. With them came Mathilda's parents and soon came her two older sisters and their families and her cousin John Peterson - all from Ingatorp. This group of families all purchased land in Wheeler township's section 31 and were probably very instrumental in getting the Bethel Lutheran Church to build in that section. Axel and Mathilda eventually retired to live their last few years in the town of Kiron. Both are buried in the Kiron cemetery.