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Salmonson Children

The three children enjoying the ride are Walter, b/1896, Esther, b/1898, and Harry, b/1901. Harry died in July 1911 at the age of 10 which helps date this picture to somewhere around 1905. I would doubt that many of the Kiron folks had automobiles then so this would be a common scene. This picture challenges the mind to ponder what it was like to get from place to place back then. Certainly would be no reason not to get plenty of fresh air -- if the horse cooperated, that is. I wonder how long it took to harness up.

Any of you oldtimers have 'horse and buggy' stories and pictures? Why don't you share them with the rest of us! I'll make a special collection if you send them in. We could all learn a little of what life was like from you and your family.

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