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Waldemar Peterson and Hanna Nilsdotter 1898

Waldemar Peterson (1822-1904) and Hanna Nilsdotter (1824-1899) left Hörja parish in Sweden in 1865 for America. After a couple of years in Swedebend, Iowa they came west to Crawford County to be among the first settlers in the Otter Creek community in 1867. They had attended Baptist meetings in Sweden so they were with the charter group to start the Otter Creek Baptist church in 1868. In 1872 they left the Baptists to help their neighbor, Rev. Hamren, start the Seventh Day Adventist group. After Rev. Hamren's drowning, they returned to the Baptist church for a couple of years. In 1880 they left the Baptists again this time to help start the Church of God.

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