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1911 Bethel Mission Meeting

 This 12 Sept 1911 photo appeared on a postcard. This group represents the congregation of the Bethel Lutheran Church. Four pastors are standing in about the 4th and 5th rows in front of the man holding a baby and the woman to his left with the black hat.
The older man sitting in the front row at the bottom of the stair railing is probably Nicolaus Lindblad.
Elizabeth Lundell Larson provided some id's. She is located in the back row in the door opening and is barely visible.
She identified members of the Peter Lundell family as the child in the front row sitting in the man's lap. Also, the woman directly behind that man's head and the lady three to her left with the horizontal black neck decoration. The little girl sitting on the ground in the front row 2nd from the left and the last girl in white to the right. Also, the next boy in line in the first row.
The man behind this boy looks like an Ogren to me.
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